On needing to feel needy….

If someone asked you, “What’s the one thing you need, really NEED, right now?” how would you answer? I think most people would quickly answer with either sleep or money. And really, who doesn’t need either or both of those pretty much every day? Sleep is a huge one for me, especially now, given that I’m running on about five hours, and even that wasn’t uninterrupted. And money? Well, yeah, I definitely would have liked to win that Mega Millions jackpot…didn’t we all? Oh, the places I’d go and things I’d do. If only.
But if we think a little deeper than just the surface of our physical lives, what is it that we really need? For each person, it’s going to be a very different answer. Some need determination. Some might need some rest…not sleep, but rest. Some need to be understood while others need understanding. There are plenty of things we all need.
So what do I need right now? The easy answer is “a vacation.” I can’t even begin to describe how badly I want to get away for a week. Sadly, that just isn’t in the cards this year. But what I think I really need is some peace and some understanding….of myself and of others. I have been feeling very lonely the last few days. Generally speaking, I’ve felt pretty good and mostly normal, but I have moments when the loneliness sets in more heavily than I could have ever expected. It’s often so overwhelming that I’m not sure what to do about it. Do I cry? Do I exercise? Do I call my friends? Which friends do I call? Needing something makes me feel needy, which is not the way I ever want to appear, be, or feel. Sometimes my dogs even seem like they don’t want to hang out with me. I know it’s not true…they just like laying on their bed, which is in the bedroom and not in the living room where I usually hang out alone.
Maybe what I really need is a sense of accomplishment. To know that I started and completed something. Cleaning my house would be a good start. It’s not trashed, it’s just that there are things that could be cleaner. Like the floors. I should polish those…

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