On chilling out…

I’ll be the first to admit: there are times in life when I really need to take a chill pill. Wouldn’t it be nice if those actually existed? If I could get a bottle of chill pills at the grocery store or, heck, while we’re wishing, if I could get a prescription for it, I’d probably be able to manage stress and/or heightened emotions much, much better.
Recently, things around my office have been, shall we say, sheer insanity. At least four times in the last two weeks, I’ve definitely needed a chill pill. I just needed something to help me calm down and take things one step at a time. I’m usually pretty all right in high stress situations, but every now and again, one gets the best of me. And I’ve had two of those situations in as many weeks. It’s exhausting. It drives me to the point of tears. I hate not knowing what to do when sh*t hits the fan. I’m usually the one that has that kind of stuff under control. Take a wedding I did last summer. I have never, in my life, seen one thing after another go so apocalyptically wrong in one day. But for whatever reason, I knew exactly how to handle each situation as it came along. I was able to see the bigger picture (let’s get these crazy kids married) and work some scheduling magic to fit in some pretty key elements for the couple and their parents…all the while, not letting on that I was losing my frickin’ mind over making it happen. The father of the bride came up to me during the reception and asked, “How are you so calm?!” There’s no easy answer for that, but the truth is, there’s no point in me getting worked up. It just makes things worse for the people at a wedding that matter the most (that being, everyone but me).
So why can’t I manage the rest of my life the way I can manage wedding madness? Maybe it’s because I don’t know as much about my day job as I do about weddings. Maybe it’s a lot of reasons. And because of that, I desperatelly wish that drug manufacturers would develop a chill pill.
However, there is another thing that certain people (cough cough Todd Newton) would say I need an even bigger chill pill for: Professional sports…especially regarding basketball…even more especially regarding Carmelo Anthony. I’m getting worked up just thinking about it.

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