On dressing the part….

Generally speaking, I avoid dressing how I feel. This is due, in large part, to the fact that I feel exhausted much of the time. If I dressed how I felt, you’d see me bra-less, in a crappy t-shirt, sweatpants, and athletic socks to my knees. It would be ugly. I’d whip my hair up in a sloppy French twist and maybe muster the energy to put on deodorant and mascara. But that would be pushing it.
There’s something to be said for dressing the way you WANT to feel. I’ll admit it: I’ve had some really rough days in the past few months. And nothing can start turning that feeling around faster that putting on a great dress and killer heels. That’s only the beginning, though. I can’t even begin to tell you how great I feel when I buck up and pop contacts in and put on a full face of makeup…we’re talking four shades of eye shadow, liquid liner, curled lashes, the works!
I won’t ever discount the validity of wallowing in a crappy feeling for a while. Sometimes, it just feels good to be in crappy clothes and not give a rip about how you look or who’s judging you for looking that way. Screw ’em. We all deserve to have that day (or those days, because sometimes feeling crappy is a persistent bitch).
But at some point, enough is just enough and it’s time to pull myself up and just pretend that I feel better than I actually do, because more often than not, I end up feeling better just by doing that.
So here’s to party dresses, fancy heels, make-up, and anything else that makes me feel like a million bucks!
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One thought on “On dressing the part….

  1. Without the valleys, the peaks wouldn't feel so high… so yeah. There's definitely reason to be lazy and just wallow in your own 'Don't want to do crap'ness.

    Especially if you follow it right up with a 'I'm gonna kick some serious ass'ness as soon as possible afterward.


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