On giving it a name….

I have long had a love-hate relationship with technology. There are few things in life that I enjoy and despise as much as consumer electronics. Every time a new gadget comes out (especially if it’s from Apple), I feel like I have to have it! But the second it breaks? DRAMA!!!
Despite all of the emotions I experience when it comes to technology, each piece I’ve ever owned has a special place in my heart. So special, in fact, that I’ve been known to name my stuff.
Several years ago, I was in dire need of a new laptop. This was years before I’d be converted to a MacGirl, so I was given a lovely Dell computer as a gift that arrived at my office and, lo and behold, it was PINK! I mean, obviously it would be pink. That just makes sense for me! Around the same time, this incredibly obnoxious commercial played routinely on Saturday mornings…it was some bizarre toy for girls and the commercial just kept screaming, “Pink! Sparkly! Fun!” over and over again. One day, the commercial was playing while we were formatting my computer (and by “we” I definitely mean “he”) so the computer was offically named PINKSPARKLYFUN.
Ever since then, every single bit of technology I’ve owned has been named that…I currently have a PINKSPARKLYFUNiPhone, a PINKSPARKLYFUNiPad, and a PINKSPARKLYFUNMacBook. Ironically (or not), every single one of them has a pink case (though none of them necessarily sparkly, but definitely fun).
So there you have it. Even when I think I hate something, I still love it enough to give it a name.

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