On choosing the right tools….

When I was about 22 years old, I decided to buy myself a really nice set to Craftsman tools for Christmas. It was one of the most useful things I’ve ever given myself. And there’s nothing quite as fun, at least for me, as the first time you buy a really good tool.
I grew up around tools. My dad is a master with them and always had the best of the best for everything from hammers to tablesaws. It helps to have a garage filled with nothing but Craftsman and Ryobi when you’re building and remodeling entire portions of a house. Generally speaking, I know my way around a hardware store and can usually sound well-informed when asking about products and tools.
I’ll never forget the first time I got a power drill. Oh….m’gawd. There was so much I wanted to reinforce just because I could! My dad taught me how to use one when I was probably 8 or 10 years old. It’s a very empowering feeling for a little girl to have control over such a massive tool!
Yet, despite all those amazing home improvement tools, the best tool I have ever gotten (as a gift, nonetheless) is my apple slicer/corer/peeler. During the summer and fall, I use the crap out of that thing! I could make 10 pies a day, just because I have that magical tool. And BONUS! I was recently schooled on how to get the thing to *actually* suction to the counter, making it infinitely more enjoyable to use! 
It’s really kitchen tools that make my heart skip beats. I’m a champ with things like hammers, drills, tape measures, and the like (I’ve even been known, on more than one occasion, to request a pink toolbelt for Christmases and/or birthdays *cough cough wink wink*), but there’s little else that excites me the way a new KitchenAid attachment, spatula, or veggie slicer does.
And let’s not get started on cookie presses and cutters…

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