On style choices….

Style intrigues me. It always has. As a girl who was born in the 80s, grew up in the 90s, and really came into her own in the 2000s, I’ve seen a lot of styles come and go…and sometimes come around again. I wore neon and scrunchies. I tight-rolled my jeans. I rocked the overalls with one strap unhooked. I even went so far, at one point, as to wear giant, stove-pipe jeans, tight hoodies, and skater shoes. Please don’t ask what I was thinking…clearly, I wasn’t.

But clothing really isn’t the only thing that encompasses style, is it? When I think about my personal style, it goes beyond feeling trendy and/or professional. My style is very non-confrontational. I’m a people-pleaser and a traditionalist with not a little bit of feminism mixed in. Sometimes my clothing reflects that, sometimes not. It’s not that I ever don’t give a sh*t, it’s just that sometimes, I don’t have the energy to dress in more than sweats and a t-shirt. But I’m always at least wearing nice and clean sweats and generally I try to look pulled together, even when I’m scrubbin’ it.

A big part of my personal style is being happy. I love to laugh and I love making people laugh. I was lying in bed last night with a glass of champagne watching Jim Gaffigan, giggling and snorting and guffawing the entire time. There’s really nothing I love more than a good laugh. Without laughter, life just ain’t worth it.

So there you have it. My basic style, both in clothing and personality.

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