On information overload….

I’m one of those people that has a really hard time shutting down, going off the grid, disconnecting…specifically from technology. More often than not, you can find me texting or talking on my iPhone, watching movies on my iPad, and emailing/Facebooking on my MacBook. So, not only am I a slave to consumer electronics, it would appear that I am fully Apple Assimilated.
It’s just that I love having information at my fingertips. I love that I can look up any recipe for anything in a matter of seconds; or find out what’s going on in other parts of the world with a single click; or hear music I might never have heard had it not been for the ol’ interwebs. This sort of harkens to my previous post regarding reading: I really enjoying learning and, for me, that involves quite a bit of reading.
So do I think there’s too much information out there?
But maybe not in the ways you might think.
Sure, I get exhausted by all the bad news in the world. I can only handle so much Kardashian nonsense. And, frankly, I’m not sure I could care less about the NBA lockouts or the Occupy Whatevers.
The information that really gets to be too much for me? Facebook crap. Specifically, the updates regarding my friends’ childrens’ bowel movements and/or digestive pyrotechnics.
Honestly. When did it become normal to broadcast how ill you or your children are? And I’m not talking the posts like, “My kid is in the hospital with pneumonia; please pray.” Those I get. What I really don’t care about, what really IS too much information, is advising the status of children’s potty training adventures or diaper expolosions or the like.
THAT is where I think the Age of Information has become a monster we are unable to tame.

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