On people I don’t understand….

If there’s one type of person I absolutely cannot relate to, it’s a Republican.
Oh, calm down…I’m KIDDING. Most of my family is Republican. In fact, it’s safe to wager that I’m the most liberal person in my family, most days.
No, really though. The person I’ll never be able to relate to is the person that says, “I just don’t read.”
I really can’t understand a statement like that. Maybe it’s because I’m the polar opposite…I can’t get enough things to read. I read an entire book (albeit a lovely children’s book) in about 20 minutes the other night and am itching to read the follow up (it was called LOVE THAT DOG, if you’re interested…what a brilliant book). I’m currently carrying two paperbacks in my bag along with 36 digital books on the ol’ iPad, not to mention the countless New Yorker’s and Vanity Fair’s loaded on the thing. Oh and The New York Times. How could I forget that one? There’s no shortage of things I’ll be willing to read. Right now, I’m in the middle of a philosophy book (Consolations of Philosophy), The Life of Pi, Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter, Bossypants, and a David Sedaris collection.
So yes, I love books to an almost disturbing degree. I understand there are people that don’t like to read nearly as much as I do, but to just not read? I can’t get behind that. Is there really nothing they want to learn about? Nothing that seems like good, old-fashioned escapism?
There’s something really relaxing in reading. I love just lying on my bed, snuggled under the covers, with a great book, knowing that the end result is probably going to be the best nap of my life! Or sitting on the couch, all cozied up under a warm blanket with a cup of tea, with only a table lamp on, reading a book I’ve read a hundred times. Or finding a funny or interesting article in a magazine and reading it to someone else, putting my own spin on the author’s voice and narrations.
There’s so much happiness to be found in reading a good book, whether it’s chic-lit or non-fiction, comedy, fantasy, or a classic, even a children’s story. There’s a sense of completion…of accomplishment when I finish a good book. It’s another notch in my literary lipstick case, I suppose.

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