On thinking about the future me….

It’s funny to think of leaving a legacy. Probably because I’ve always felt that I’m just too young to be thinking about it. My grandparents left (or will leave) incredible legacies, but they’re, well, OLD! The reality, though, is that their legacy began far before they were “old” (which is a stupid word to describe any of my grandparents because they, like my parents, refuse to let their minds age with their bodies. They’re amazing). It does make me wonder, though, what people will think of 50, 60, 70 years from now when they hear my name.

If I could choose what people would think, I’d want them to think that I was really successful; that I did something with my life that I was passionate about; that I raised good, decent, smart children; that I loved with reckless abandon; that I sang songs whenever I bloody well felt like it; that I didn’t fear; that I took adventures and traveled until I finally kicked it; that I was in the middle of the best joke ever when my family surrounded me when I died; that I didn’t give a hoot what anyone thought as long as what I was doing felt good and right (morally, ethically, emotionally); that my faith was evident, real, and not cliche; that I had friends from every part of my life; that I never gave up; that I fought hard for things I was passionate about.

Yeah. That’s what I hope people think of when they hear my name a bazillion years from today.

So now, it’s just a matter of living a life worth being thought of in those ways. That’s really the hard part, isn’t it? So many days go by when it doesn’t even cross my mind what someone might think of my life in the future. I do things that are wrong and ugly (take my road rage, for example) and I think things that my parents would be appalled by. Hey, it happens. I’m human, too, ya know.

Maybe it’s worth thinking about my legacy on a more regular basis. Maybe it would help me live a more productive and passionate life…

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