On finding the time….

It’s not easy for me to lose track of time; let’s just put that out there. I’ve become known in my circle of friends as the person who can plan her life in 15-minute increments. I’m super Type-A and can admittedly be kind of a control freak sometimes.
So when I do lose track of time, it’s a big deal for me, personally. One of two things can happen: 1) I can completely lose my head and fall apart or 2) I find that I’m just enjoying something so much that I really don’t care. It’s hard to think of that last time I actually lost track of time. I’m constantly looking at a clock and wondering what time it is.
That said, I can be fairly certain the last time I didn’t care about how fast or slow a clock was moving, I was probably laughing hysterically. Those are my favorite moments in life. I have a couple girl friends that can reduce me to a mess of snorts and giggles and knee slaps in a matter of seconds. Those are the moments in which I really could not care less about what time it is. I crave those times of laughter and want them to last as long as humanly possible. I lose track of time when I’m with my closest, dearest friends. Being with those people remind me that life is more than a series of events that need to be gotten to, accomplished, and moved on from. There is a time and a place for organization and planning. But more importantly, there are times when turning off the phones and disregarding the clocks are crucial.
So if you’re like me, take a chance on not knowing (or caring) what time it is. And if you’re the opposite of me, remind us Type-A characters that taking time to enjoy life and get lost in it isn’t the worst thing in the world…in fact, it might be the best time we have all week…

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