On loving some of the things I love….

I have a mere three days left at my current job. I’m excited for the changes and opportunities that lie ahead of me, both at my new day job and through Use The Clutch, but it is a little weird leaving behind something that I’ve been a part of for over five years. 
I resist change pretty mightily so when I got the offer for my new job and accepted, I had a brief moment of “buyer’s remorse”…had I done the right thing? The answer, so far, is “yes.” I’ll miss some of my co-workers and clients, that much is for sure. But the one thing I’m going to miss the most? 
The buffalo.

Seriously…how is that not the cutest thing in the entire world?

There’s nothing quite like driving up to the office seeing that view.  It amazes me just about every morning. In the summer and spring, the grass is crazy green and the Continental Divide is this wonderful blue-purple color and the mountains are always snow-topped. The fall bring a myriad of colors. And winter? Regardless of how much I hate (and I mean HAAAAATE) driving up the hill in the winter, seeing the snow-crusted pine trees and those lovely Rocky Mountains somehow makes it all worth it. I guess that’s what makes me a Colorado girl. The mountains and wildlife never cease to amaze me. It’s incredible, really, that every spring for the last five years, I’ve been able to watch the buffalo and deer and elk grow from babies to adults. One year, we even had twin fawns that played tag in the office lawn. It was absolutely precious. But the buffalo? Oh man…those tiny baby buffaloes are the cutest things you will ever see. I just want to take one home and snuggle it!

So now I guess I’ll have to fight the weekend traffic to come up here, sit in the Park and watch those adorable buffalo…and secretly wish I could ride one…

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