On making changes….

I have lost a lot of motivation for writing lately. I used to want to write all the time; now, while I still want to write, I feel like I have nothing to say and no energy to think of anything. The wedding blog is something I want to pursue with a LOT more gusto than I have been and I’ve been trying to think of topics to write on for that.
But for this, my more personal musings, there’s just not a whole lot I can think of. It might have something to do with just a lot of other things going on in my life right now. Nothing exciting, unless you count “installing a 9×35 patio” as exciting. It will be once we’re done, but holy crap…it’s quite the exhausting undertaking! Just digging up the turf was something I wouldn’t wish on anyone! We now have a giant hole in our backyard and are waiting for the rest of the materials to be delivered…everything should be done by the end of this coming weekend. Hallelujah!
Speaking of that, because of vacations and the patio, I’m on a brief hiatus from church. I feel like, even with some of the cursing that inevitably comes from both traveling and home improvements, I’m doing my own bit of “worship” just by being outside and enjoying all that summer has to offer. I don’t think Colorado had an official Spring this year and I’m quite okay with that. I’ve been itching for 85* and patio dining for MONTHS so having sweltering heat over the weekend (not to mention our first trip to the farmer’s market) was a long time coming for me. I’m going to make a point of being outside and slowing down just as much as I possibly can this summer. I want to enjoy the weather and the time for as long as I can. I hear that the older we get, the faster time screams by. Well, the first 6 months of 2011 certainly have proved that adage to be true, but for at least the next 3 months, I need to slow down, baby (as Ms. Aguilera puts it).
I’ve been itching for some change lately and the patio is helping out. Plus, we re-arranged the house again and I really like what we did. But as for personal change, I’m hacking off my hair tonight and coloring it next week. And I’ve been craving a new tattoo for a long time. I was going to get one for graduation and I forgot; I was going to get one for my birthday and I forgot. So maybe I’ll get one this summer…and try not to forget (again). Fortunately, the design is already done so it’s just a matter of actually DOING it…and finding an artist that’s worth a crap. My original tattoo is such a testament to how young and uneducated I was about tattoos. 21 is just not a great age to make major life choices, if you ask me.
So with all of that said, welcome to summer! Let the good times roll!

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