On remembering the good times….

I feel like I’ve been doing a great deal of reminiscing lately. Sometimes, I really just like to think about the past and all the good things that happened there. Sure, there are plenty of parts about my history that I’d be happy to forget, but in the midst of all that crap, there are a lot of bright, happy, shiny moments. Those are the ones that I like to think about from time to time.

Do you ever have moments that you’d like to go back to? Portions of life that you’d really love to re-visit? I do. One that comes up for me is singing with my college choir in Minnesota at Christmas time. I assure you, that was one of the hardest years I’ll probably ever experience, but being with that choir was something that I relish. There were times that I absolutely HATED singing some of the things we did, but if you know me, Christmas time is something I kind of live for. And singing Christmas-y songs is something I’ll never tire of. I can remember pretty distinctly some of the feelings I had doing those songs and being with those people. A lot of happiness surrounds those few weeks and I loved it! That was also the time when there was something seriously wrong with one of my ears and, being that I was a broke college kid still being supported by my parents, I had no way of seeing a doctor in the dinky MN town I was living in. I realized during all of that, there was nothing that could keep me from singing. I tried to see the good in it. It was like one my ears was constantly plugged up so it was almost like I had a permanent monitor. It was annoying as all get-out, but I couldn’t seem to do anything about it so whatever. Fortunately, my mom was (and still is) a champion at scheduling all our doctor and dentist visits when one of us would come home from school at breaks so she forked over the cash and I got my ears figured out. Phew!

Christmas time that year was pretty happy-go-lucky for me, like most Christmases tend to be. I miss a lot of those people and am only vaguely connected to a few of them anymore, but man…those were some good times. I got to be girly and weird along with some of the girliest and weirdest girls I’ll probably ever meet. There’s nothing quite like living in a dorm with great people. So many of the girls I sang with I also lived with and I knew, without a doubt, that they had my back that year (despite some of the less-than-awesome things I got in trouble over).  We laughed and cried and celebrated over a lot of things…those were (and are) amazing girls.

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