On unclogging the pipes….

I was talking to Todd the other day about how I have little motivation to do much of anything right now. There’s nothing I really want to write about, cooking is very blah to me for the moment, and there are so many things I want to do around the house I can hardly stand it.

Todd asked if I’d been writing in my journal recently. “No.” I said. “I just haven’t had the motivation.” He said that I should probably start trying to write things down because it sounds like I have mental blockage happening. Then he made a really gross comparison to plumbing. It’s probably true though; I think I just have so many things going on in my head that I need to start writing them all down before I go completely mad.

The house is the big thing I’m spending my time thinking about lately. I have a list a mile long of things I want to do:

  • Install a patio and possibly a pergola
  • Plant peonies in the front yard
  • Plant herbs, roses, and other flowers in the backyard
  • Fix the door to the shed
  • Install an actual storm door on the back door
  • Hang shelving in the laundry closet and master closet
  • Re-shelf one of the pantries
  • Update curtains in dining and living rooms
  • Hang a chandelier in the dining room
  • Wire a dimmer to the opposite side of the dining room
  • Get a rug for the dining room
  • Take down some of the decor in the dining room and replace with stuff I love
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Get some art in the living room
Unfortunately, a good portion of that can’t really be done until I figure out what to do with my dining and living rooms. Do I switch them? It’s awkward having the dining room in the front of the house, but is it even more weird to have the dining room in the back of the house, on the carpet, next to the master bedroom? I honestly have no idea…and I won’t have any clue until I actually move everything around which may cause me to go even more mad (and my husband to actually get mad at me!). I feel like my house is going to be in a constant state of “incomplete.” Maybe that’s half the fun of home ownership. You can do anything you want whenever you want and it’s basically no worries. At least, that’s what I like to think.

I’d like to really get going on a lot of these things, just to try and empty my brain out from all of the clutter. My head definitely hurts from all that’s going on inside of it lately. I think part of it is that I have a “NOW NOW NOW” mentality about a lot of things. I get an idea in my head and I want it to come to fruition immediately. Sadly, that’s just not the way life plays out most of the time. There’s very little that I can actually do IMMEDIATELY (at least, not without some consequences) and waiting for things tends to drive my nuts. I can be a very patient person most of the time, but when I get ideas into my head, ideas that I think are really great ideas, it’s hard to just idle on them.

So here’s the beginning of my mission to write things down so that I don’t go completely bonkers in the process. And if anyone out there has any helpful tips or hints, I’m definitely open to just about anything right now, especially when it comes to fixing up the house! It’s nice that I have so much free time now to do all the things I want to do…it’s becoming a matter of nailing down exactly what it is I’d like to do. Oof.

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2 thoughts on “On unclogging the pipes….

  1. You know I'd love to pick that fabulous brain of yours! Todd took it upon himself to move all the furniture for me last week as a surprise so the dining and living rooms are currently switched. Trying to decide how much we like it. I'm leaning toward “I like it less than the other way” but Todd doesn't want to switch it anytime soon haha! We did re-cover the chairs though and I'm liking that!

  2. Paint! It’s the easiest (and cheapest) thing to change and it’ll make a drastic difference. I’d suggest painting the trim in your dining room white and the walls a soft beige color. But be careful, beige is a really tough color to select… b/c a lot of them have pink or green tones. A rug and furniture placement will also help balance that room. I’m happy to help you, just let me know. -Karla

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