On growing up….

I can’t believe I’m speaking in numbers I actually understand at this point. Only a few more semesters and I’m totally done. I think that number is going to be five, just to be certain that whatever sanity I have left remains intact.

Latin was supposed to be the class that was “easy” and it’s turning out to be a bigger pain the ass that I could have possibly imagined. Bleh. Midterm on Monday, Final on the 31st, then done. Thank God.

In other news, Todd and I finally found something to purchase with the rest of our wedding money (yes, we still have some leftover) and bought a brand new, giant bed. WOO!!! Exciting for Todd because now his back won’t hurt every morning. Exciting for me because we kept the old bed and I now have a guestroom. I even bought a funky new bedding set for it. YAY! We’re almost done setting up the guestroom… just need to organize some misc. crap that we still have (and can’t get rid of). We did QUITE a number on that room last weekend. Re-organized Todd’s closet and somehow managed to get rid of another trunk-full of crap, either via garbage, recycle, or Goodwill.

I am baffled at how we manage to toss a trunk-load of stuff at least once a month, if not more. Where does all this crap come from?! We don’t even have a storage unit! All our wordly belongings are either in our apartment or our garage (and even that is really only our camping stuff and some Christmas stuff). I have absolutely no problems getting rid of excess junk. The less stuff we have, the less stuff there is to pack and move (at some point), and the less clutter there is to make me crazy. I am quite enjoying this minimizing venture I’ve been on for some time. It’s been a New Year’s Resolution for nearly 3 years now. It’s nice to see it in action.

I think we’re even going to get rid of the “purpa chair” (and possibly buy a fancy leather “cigar chair” for Todd instead)

and I’d really like to dispose of the white shelving that I’ve had since I was 20….move the big brown bookcase into the guestroom and invest in a nice little “media cabinet” for the living room.

Part of this is me de-cluttering. Part of this is me coming to the realization that I’m a grown up and it’s time to have grown-up things and stop living off of chip-board and crap from Goodwill or that has been handed down to me. It worked for a really long time…and it worked well…and I really liked it. But the “purpa chair” needs to go.

2 thoughts on “On growing up….

  1. I can't remember whether I mentioned this already or not, but I think the Catacombs has the exact same “purpa chair.” Maybe they'd like a matching one.

    And I still look forward to the day when I can actually use my computer desk again. Maybe next year…

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