Fatigue, housing, and career upgrades…

Over the weekend, we headed out to Woodland Park / Pike Nat’l Forest to do some more camping, this time with L&R as part of the crew too. I like to refer to our camping trip as “Hilton Camping” because the campground had paved roads and was pretty “chi-chi” as far as that goes. Really clean and really close to town. Ah well. It was still camping and it was one of the only available campgrounds that weekend. So there’s that.

We did a pretty “hike” on Saturday (it was more of a walk than anything else) and wound up at Rampart Resevoir which was really beautiful and BIG! I took a bunch of pictures and then we had lunch on one of the fishing beaches…which was SO awesome (nicely done on lunch, L&R! Definitely stealing the wraps idea for next time!). We stuck around there for a while until we saw some ominous clouds starting to roll in and headed back to camp.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t the most relaxing weekend of my life. Far from it, really. I don’t know why, but I was fatigued the whole time and not really talkative or fun, frankly. I was just…done. Totally spent. It didn’t help that I was sick on Thursday and my right eye was totally effed all weekend. All I really wanted to do the whole time was sleep and read. I found myself on the outskirts of almost all conversations, preferring to be alone rather than around people. That feeling is pretty foreign to me. I almost always want to be in the middle of the action, but last weekend, I just couldn’t handle being around anyone for very long. I took naps a lot and went to bed early. I read my book for much of the daylight hours. I was just exhausted. I was so tired and so dis-interested in human contact that I even found myself doing the dishes…twice. I hate doing camping dishes simple because of the cold water, but it was actually enjoyable this weekend.

Time for a big break from life? I think so!
33 days until Alaska. I don’t plan on resting much there either, but it’ll be nice to get really far away from home for a spell.

Speaking of home, we’re looking at two more tomorrow night. Keep your fingers crossed…I have a really good feeling about both of them, but a really really good feeling about one of them…

Also, Todd has applied for an “upgrade” at work and has interviews throughout this week…keep your fingers extra crossed for him for the next few days…this position would be such a great move for him, for so many reasons! I’m so excited that he’s jumping at the opportunity, but trying really hard not to get my hopes up. I think he’s a great choice for the position, but I don’t want to get too excited, in case it doesn’t go the way we’re hoping it does. So keep those finger crossed and good thoughts in the air…!

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