I’m a wreck!

I have been itching incessantly since about 9pm yesterday. I’ve actually been pretty itchy for a couple days now, but it got really bad last night. I wish Todd could have stayed up all night scratching my back while I slept.

This morning, it’s pretty bad too. I’m clawing at my arms and back…I’m sure it looks glorious!

And the nasty weird whatever-the-hell is back on my hands. Every time I get out of the shower, the palms of my hands look like Falcor’s skin. It’s disgusting and it HURTS!

Why, oh why, can’t I get into the doctor before September?!?!

3 thoughts on “I’m a wreck!

  1. Sadly, not answers yet. I go to the doc for my annual soonish so hopefully she can tell me something and/or refer me to a dermatologist. I can't stop itching…even in my sleep, I apparently claw at myself…HUGE scratch marks all over my belly this morning. sigh.

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