Looks like somebody had a case of the Mondays…

Yesterday turned into a big ol’ Charlie-Foxtrot in a hurry. I have no idea why it had to happen on a Monday, but it did. I hate Monday’s.

It all started last Friday when I went to register the new car, Eleanor. Turns out, the bank sent me incomplete and/or wrong information so I wasn’t able to register the car after all. What a way to spend a lunch hour that could have/should have been spent studying. Sigh. The woman at the DMV-County Clerk was at least very helpful and nice so that softened the blow.

I got everything squared away and went back to the DMV yesterday, wasting yet another perfectly good lunch hour. I get there and they’re on #195…I’m #219. Super rad! It actually went rather quickly, as far as the DMV is concerned. So I get up to the counter, expecting to write a check for about $250 to register the car. What the guy tells me next is almost unfathomable.

Your total comes to $1512.40.

Excuse me, WHAT?!?!? Apparently the bank didn’t roll taxes and fees into the loan so I had to cough up about $1200 more than expected. Jeebus! What the hell was that all about?!? As far as I know, it’s pretty standard to roll that crap into the loan because, well, a lot of people don’t just have $1500 sitting around. Fortunately for us, I’m a nazi about savings so while it was HUGE hit for us, it won’t destroy us. It just pisses me off…and leaves us $1200 less in the bank for a down payment on a house. Super. Freaking super.

That whole incident really made me reconsider buying a house. I mean, yes, it would be nice and yes, there’s that $8000 first-time-home-buyers credit out there, but after the sh*tstorm yesterday, I’m thinking a little more seriously about what a house could cost us. Sigh. I’m exhausted. Just done.

Good thing that wasn’t the only crap I had to deal with yesterday. Get it all out of the way at once, I guess.

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