It’s the little things…

Things that I currently hate:
1. When people make gross-out noises about foods I’m eating and/or like
2. Disorganization
3. Clutter

I guess the last two are sort of the same. I guess.
I’m on a mission to make our guest room more of a guest room. I want to get the clutter out of there and the Christmas crap down to the garage. There’s just a lot of stuff in there, none of which can really be gotten rid of (books and shelves; desk; blah blah blah), but it can certainly be organized a little bit better. We have some random storage tubs that just need to get to the garage post-haste. I’m tired of the clutter. Really tired of it. Unfortunately, the problem was created largely by me. Sigh.

I have the shakes really bad right now. I have no idea why. I had the exact same breakfast I always have. Absolutely nothing different about today than any other day. But I have the shakes. And it sucks.

We’re going camping again this weekend, same crew + L&R…and for two days instead of just one. I’m pretty stoked. The only hitch in the plan is that we’re heading out on Friday after work…probably going to hit some heavy duty traffic. Oh well! It’s still camping for the whole weekend, which will be nice even if I have to bring homework with me. It’s the compromise I have to make in order to do fun stuff in the summer, I guess. It’ll be fine. Just so long as no one gives me hell for it….mwahahaha….

In the recent past, I have found myself falling more and more in love with Todd. Who knew that was possible?? We’ve had some really amazing conversations lately and have cleared up some misc. misunderstandings that were kind of holding us both back from lots of things. Sometimes, we just get so busy and wrapped up in life that we get a bit off track and off of the same page…it just takes a little re-evaluation and some good conversations to get everything back in line.

We started dancing again too, which is something that I’ve always loved doing with him. Except this time around, we’re simply having way more fun. We laugh a LOT during our lessons and generally just get silly which is so much fun for me. I love being silly with Todd! One of my favorite, most treasured moments with Todd was when we were just starting to get serious and he stole chocolate from me…it’s too hard to explain what happened and the moment is really just for the two of us, but man were we laughing so hard!

I think dancing is something of a priority for me, just because we have so much fun doing it together and it’s really exciting to learn something new at the same pace as each other. We’re both “new” to dancing so learning it together is really enjoyable for me. And we do enjoy going to weddings and out dancing and being able to know what steps to do and to what types of songs…I really hope there’s some chances for us to get our groove on during the cruise!

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