Misc. updates….

I feel like summer is getting really busy again. Just like last year. Only this time, I have a lot more school to contend with.

I’m really bad and prioritizing, as has been evidenced in many many ways in the last several weeks.

It’s like I make a plan for one thing, but forget about everything else in the mean time.

I have NINETEEN hours a week set aside for studying. It’s totally ridiculous. But I can’t just NOT study.

The other issue is that I like camping…and that REALLY cuts into my study time. Mostly because I require the internet for all of my school work. I have a lot of reading to do too which will happen on the drives to/from campsites and on random downtimes during the weekend, but the reality is that school is a HUGE priority for me right now. It has to be. I just want to be done. More than I could possibly describe. If I really push myself, I can be done by December 2010…I’m going to try one semester of 12 credits and if that’s just too much, I’ll push graduation back to Spring 2011 lest I go insane (and drive Todd to the brink in the meantime)…

If you know me at all, you know that I put myself on ridiculous schedules for life. I have to X by this time and Y by this time. It’s madness and I’ve been fighting with myself over this for YEARS. I’m coming more and more to terms with “things will happen when they happen” and to just accept that. I want to be done with school, but I don’t want to be miserable in the process. Better to take it slow if necessary than go completely mad in the process.

I’m just so close I can taste it now. That’s what’s killing me.

In other news, we’re probably heading to Puerto Rico next spring. It’ll be beautiful that time of year and it’s pretty inexpensive, all things considered. And I’ll be able to use my mad Spanish skillz…hahaha! I’m very out of practice…I’ll freshen up before we go, that’s for sure!

Mostly I’ve just had so much on my mind lately that I can’t really function properly. Bleh. I cleaned the house like a crazy person while Todd was camping this last weekend. It felt so good to get all of that done. There are just a few things out on the counters right now that need to be handled, but at least it’s not the charlie-foxtrot it was not so many days ago. I can’t believe how messy I can allow the house to become!

On the housing front, we’re still looking and still have some time, but we’ll need to give notice to our apartments by September 1, so hopefully we’ll find our dream house in short order. There are TONS to look at still…we just have a few requirements and unfortunately the beautiful homes with perfect kitchens tend to be in suburbia and not within walking distance of ANYTHING. And all the houses in walking distance of bars and restaurants are either too expensive or too crappy. So we’re still lookin’…

One thought on “Misc. updates….

  1. I don't know how you do it… you're schedule is insane! But if there were more hours in the day, you'd be the first to fill them up. :o) Hang in there and take a deep breath… you're so close to finishing school!

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