Skepticism takes hold…

We’ve been church hopping for a little while now. We haven’t found one that’s exactly right, which is frustrating. There are several reasons that we’ve been looking around, which I don’t really want to get into on here, for many reasons (we can chat later if you’re that interested). Our basic requirements are that I can feel connected through the music and Todd can feel challenged through the sermon. You’d think it would be easy. Sadly, not.

When we were living in the Highlands, we were going to church occasionally at Pathways, which K&P introduced us to. We enjoyed the lead pastor and (most of) the associate pastors. But then the music gal left and that was disheartening for me. She was a breath of fresh air and her style was SO remarkably different from what I was used to that, while it was shocking, it was new and exciting and …. refreshing. I was sad when she left. Very sad. Then we moved back to suburbia and Pathways simply became too far of a drive to be reasonable.

Back to square one.

We tried another Covenant church, but went to maybe the wrong service (wrong, as in, time-of-day). Still…meh.

We went to the church we got married in and rather enjoyed that, but again…it’s a bit far away to go every single week. However, it might be worth checking out again. It’s Episcopalian, but with a bit of flair (and electronics).

We tried another non-denominational church and started to feel really comfortable there until just last week. I love it because of the music (for obvious reasons) and Todd appreciates the life-application portions of the sermon.

But last week….oh hoo-dee-hoo! What a disappointing sermon. Facts all messed up. Ethnocentrism at its finest. I mean, yowza.

So my question is this: Do we have to settle on a church? Are we too picky? What should we really be looking for? Should we give the “old church” another chance, despite how we’ve been hurt and disappointed in the past?

I’m totally lost right now.

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