It all had to come out sooner or later…

Last night got the best of me, to say the least.
Here’s the breakdown of my breakdown:

1. Had to cancel a date with girl friends in order to prep for a bridal shower I was throwing for a woman I’ve never met on Tuesday (today).
2. Stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond on my way home only to discover that their “Beyond” is a load of sh*t as they do not carry flower vases (something I needed for the shower).
3. For the last 2 days, my (brand new, sorta pricy) car has been doing this thing where it revs to somewhere between 2000 – 3000rpm unnecessarily any time I step on the brakes. I call my dad to see if he has any clue why it’s doing that (since he used to drive a Subie) and he says that it’s probably that the throttle isn’t closing and that it’s very unsafe for me to be driving the car. Well f**k. So glad I just dropped a ton of moo-lah on a new car that was supposed to be a hell of a lot safer than the old car.
4. I find out from Todd, via my dad, that the bridal shower is actually last night, not tonight, as I am trying to put together a “crafty” bit for the party. I call my mom and immediately ask “Why did you tell me the party was tomorrow night if it’s actually tonight?” She thought she told me, which she so obviously did not. So much for finishing several projects for the party…and looking nice. Sigh.

I had my breakdown somewhere between numbers three and four, crying hysterically at Todd and threatening to hang the next person that tells me I’m irrational about cars and that I expect them to do too much. Not actually. I expect them to work. That’s all. I would like to drive ONE FRIGGIN’ CAR that doesn’t have the clutch pedal fall off while I’m rounding Stadium Curve at 65mph in the winter or have the gear shifting cable detach from the gear box while I’m coming down a hill with (now) very little ability to turn onto a side street or have the head gasket crack in SIX places while I’m driving because no sensor light came on to tell me that anything was wrong (despite the fact that I was filling the coolant resevoir twice a DAY) or discover that something electronic re: the throttle is probably whacked out.

Yes, all of those things have happened to me.

It became rather evident last night that I am not allowed to have nice things because regardless of how well I take care of them, they go to complete shit at some point very early on. It’s a wonder that my fancy pink laptop hasn’t crapped out for no reason.

I understand that cars have issues and you have to fix them. I just don’t understand why these major mechanical issues happen on EVERY CAR I OWN. I take very good care of my cars. Regular oil changes, regular tire rotation, regular air filter maintenance, regular car washes (just to be nice to my cars)…I do everything by the book and yet I still end up dealing with something so far out of left field. I’m not even hard on my cars. I’m getting 2.7more mpg than the previous owner (who can be somewhat hard on her cars). I don’t brake excessively. I don’t grind the gears. I don’t rev the engine (of my own accord). I don’t ride the clutch.

So can someone explain to me why the car manufacturers of the world seem to have it in for me?

One thought on “It all had to come out sooner or later…

  1. aw lady, i understand. sometimes my mantra, said in what i imagine to be a 1950s put-upon housewife voice, is “THIS is why i can't have nice things!” (usually in reference to the cats breaking something.)

    maybe that kind of crap happens to everyone but some people are just better at disguising the frayed edges. this is what i tell myself to make myself feel better.

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