Damn you, May!

How did May leak over into June?!?

Every time I turn around, this month, I feel like once something is straightened out, another thing gets all jacked up.

Case #1
I finally figured out with my CLAS advisor at school what I’m still required to take and what’s completed and how much longer I really have. I’m right on track and he’s let me know exactly where I stand through Fall 2009. I’ll graduate Fall 2010, which makes me very happy. He eased my concerns about graduation substantially so I’m all clear there. BUT……….
I get an email this morning from financial aid saying that I owe nearly $3000! How is this possible when I filled out that God-forsaken FAFSA back in March/April? Oh, don’t fret. The reminder email I got in March re: the FAFSA didn’t say that it was specifically for Fall 2009-Spring 2010 and that I have to fill out ANOTHER form to get financial aid for Summer 2009. Oh so helpful. Fortunately, I was able to get that filled out and turned in today and should have an award package in the next week or so. On a side note: my confusion continues as I have not received a check for the unused portion of my Spring 2009 loans. Whatever…for now.

Case #2
Everything at work got handled prior to the end of May, which is nothing short of a miracle given the insanity and nature of our work that month. Many phone calls and emails and meetings later, everything got taken care of, bound up and billed. Phew! Break out the champagne! EXCEPT THAT….
Now there’s all kinds of accounting craziness! I seriously cannot get any information that I need in an appropriate manner. WTF?!? I mean, honestly. If I tell someone something and they agree to those terms, that’s what stands, right?? You can’t just arbitrarily change the terms after you’ve already agreed to what we talked about two days ago…AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

My team should get, at the very least, a paid long-ass weekend once May is over. Unfortunately, I am not in charge of PTO…sadly. But we are going out for lunch tomorrow, which will be a welcome relief, honestly.

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