Random thoughts for a Friday

Two of my very dear friends are a little happier this morning.
And so am I…for them. It’s a good day.

My co-worker, whom I will miss a lot after next week, is rocking out to Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Counting Crows. She is the “cool mom”.

I got coffee at the Bux this morning because coffee at the office, while free, often tastes like soap. So I paid my $1.67 to get good coffee and destroy it with creamer when I got to the office (hahaha).

Taking my laptop with me to work has proved to be the most productive thing I can do for my school work. I got so much done yesterday just during lunch. It feels good to be caught up enough that I can spend my weekend study time re-doing some misc. assignments and continuing to stay caught up.

It’s supposed to snow 6-12 inches tonight. I’m not interested. It would only be okay if it was a workday and I was snowed inside our house with my husband and puppies. And if I had nothing better to do than watch movies and drink hot chocolate. As it is, the snow is coming just in time to ruin a perfectly good Saturday.

I think I’m finding myself more and more becoming the Colorado girl that prefers summer activities to winter. I enjoy skiing, but once or twice a season is plenty for me. I’d rather be warm. We’ll probably do a lot more hiking this summer.

Todd’s party is in a couple weeks. I need to finalize and purchase the schwag. I love schwag. The menu is finalized. The décor is definitely still up in the air. Parties are so much fun to plan!

One thought on “Random thoughts for a Friday

  1. You don’t love schwag as much as I love schwag… particularly when it’s MY schwag!!!And yes, lots of hiking and SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!111!11!one!111!

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