Clutter be gone!

Saturday proved to be a rather miraculous day. Not only did it not snow (which I am ever so grateful for…not a fan of snow in the spring), but Todd and I were able to heavily de-clutter our “office” and get rid of / donate:

1 giant box of books

1 giant box of knick-knacky crap

2 baby gates (formerly for use with the pups)

1 box fan

1 giant bag of clothing

Several misc. bath towels

2 pillows

1 bed comforter

1 ironing board

And finally, 1 enormous bag of trash and misc. crap that no one would want or need.

Our office is starting to look more functional than just a space to store our junk. There’s still a lot of stuff in there to go through but you wouldn’t believe how sparse it looks just with all the above out of there. It’s amazing!

I’ve been wanting to de-clutter our house for a really long time and the office was a good place to start. We just have way too much stuff. It’s nice to get rid of things that we just don’t use or need. I would like to continue this mission by tackling my closet. Oof. There’s a LOT of stuff in there that I probably don’t need.

De-cluttering the house might be my new favorite stress release.

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