What makes me…me.

Per instructions from my husband’s blog, here are a few things that make me unique (read: random

I’m incredibly selective about the music that I listen to because of the pretty drastic effects that it can have on me. I have (had?) CDs that I’ve actually tossed because one song on the disc brings back certain memories that I’m not okay with. So my personal taste in music is pretty quirky and well….juvenile. Britney and Christina are at the very top of my list. Every one of their albums has had zero adverse effect on me. I also love oldies more than a person my age should. I was born approximately four DECADES too early. Really. I was. Maybe even five. And my list of favorite songs changes quite rapidly, though there are two that will forever remain as the Top 2…

I have a knack for throwing a killer party…and LOVE doing it! Most people enjoy the actual “having” of the party whereas I definitely prefer the planning stages to just about anything else. Small or large, formal or casual, I love throwing parties. I’ve thrown … well… several in the years that I’ve known Todd. And I intend to thrown hundreds more. I like to make a big deal out of things. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, promotions, Saturdays, football games, Todd publishing his first book (that party yet to come, but definitely in the works), elections & inaugurations, you name it, I’ll find a theme and a place!

I also really hate wet paper. It makes me physically ill. I don’t like to talk about it.

I firmly believe that cars and computers should never break and should work all the time. Except for the standard maintenance required (changing the oil, rotating tires, etc.), I don’t believe that I should ever have to do anything to my car and get extremely upset (read: hysterical) when something goes wrong (timing belts snapping, clutch pedal coming loose, heads cracking, just to name a few…all of which have happened while the car is in motion at a fairly high rate of speed). When computers go bing-bong-boing on me, it’s not pretty either.

I live for holidays. Especially Christmas. There is nothing more exciting to me than the Christmas season. Holidays are second only to my husband and family in my heart. Truly. I love listening to Christmas music and indeed have a full CD collection that continues to grow (but will NOT listen to Christmas music prior to the day after Thanksgiving because each holiday deserves it’s own time). I like the twinkling lights and the smells. I love driving down I-70 between Denver West Blvd and Youngfield and enjoying the lights in the trees that line the highway. Even traffic doesn’t bother me…one direction is red (brake) lights and the other is white (head) lights. I love to bake all of my favorite Christmas cookies and learn how to make my grandmothers’ (plural) delicious cookies. I love decorating the house and going to holiday parties and generally relishing in the warmth and deliciousness. And I really love wrapping gifts…it’s a craft I learned from my mother and is famous in my family…my family can always expect to be “wowed” by the wrapping on their gifts from me. Anyone can expect that really. I was even designated the office gift wrapper last year J I also really love watching the holiday movies….Elf, A Christmas Carol (with George C. Scott), The Grinch (original and Jim Carrey), the Charlie Brown movies (because that scene with Linus telling the Christmas story will make me cry every time), all the weird quasi-claymation movies, the Muppet Christmas Carol, Scrooged, Love Actually, The Holiday, Miracle on 34th Street (the original with Maureen O’Hara), White Christmas, Holiday Inn…

Yeah, I love Christmas.

So there’s a quick smattering of my quirks. Now you go.

2 thoughts on “What makes me…me.

  1. Yeah, I definitely married a unique girl… never met anyone else that has the aversion to wet paper that you do (ha ha).I love all your quirks and idiosyncrasies and everything else that sets you apart from every other human being.(Oh and Ann, I’m 28 years old… probably okay to drop the “baby” part by now…)

  2. ok i know i’m a dork but it’s still WAY weird to see the words “my husband” and know you are talking about my baby brother!!! i know i know get over it already right? sorry…..just wanted to say i like the “you” that you are.:o)

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