Ella subrevivio su final oral en espanol…y es muy cansada y queria desayunar con sus amigas

I am absolutely exhausted. I’m in the middle of my last week of this semester and just finished my oral final in Spanish. I thought I was going to die.

Okay, not actually die, but it was incredibly difficult and I completely forgot how to use tenses and may have really effed that entire thing up. It’s frustrating because I really enjoy Spanish and while it’s no longer my minor (I don’t have any minor…just a major), I do want to continue to learn and use the language. I think it’s incredibly important for everyone to know a language other than their own (though for some, even native English is apparently a challenge). So many problems and issues could be avoided if we just knew how to communicate with each other better. Sigh.

I have one more final, next Saturday. A written final. I’m sure it’s going to be difficult, but like I’ve always said, it’s much easier for me to write and hear Spanish than to actually speak it. I really need to get better about *speaking* the language. I suck at it.

Myriad of other things on my mind right now.
I have a new hat, so that’s fun.
The new Britney album continues to be ever-so-enjoyable.
I’m getting new brakes on Kate today courtesy of supremely-awesome boyfriend de Laura.
Christmas may have lost a bit of its luster for me this year (very unfortunate).

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