The Material Girl reigns supreme….

4:00pm – Sitting at the office, anxiously awaiting my departure from work to go home and quickly throw on my 80s garb and head down to Brooklyn’s to grab a drink and wait for Laura to arrive.

5:15pm – FINALLY get to leave the office, sassy boots in hand (they’ve been at the office since October 30th when I brought them in as a potential pair for Nikki to borrow for Halloween). Hauled significant amounts of ass home and then ran into the house and just about jumped out of my work clothes and into my concert clothes. Outfit consisted of black leggings, grey tulle skirt and a purple sparkly 80s shirt. Topped off with aforementioned sassy black boots, giant hot pink beads, coral scarf and about 20 pink and silver bangles. Mmm….fantastic!

6:00pm – Make my way down to the Pepsi Center by way of Wadsworth to I-70 to I-25 to Speer to Auraria Parkway. I love that I can play that “Umm…I’m actually here for class” card and get to park on campus for $3.50 rather than $10…woot! Flash a smile and lie to the parking attendant and make my way rather effortlessly to Brooklyns at the Pepsi Center.

6:30pm – Inside Brooklyn’s is an absolute madhouse. Alice 105.9 is there hosting a crazy Madonna pre-show party or whatever. I’ve never seen a DJ in real life, so it was kind of cool to see BJ and Howie + Mikey at the bar…BJ plowed into me at one point, but was apologetic and it was really no one’s fault in particular…the place was packed, I was apparently standing in a major thoroughfare and he got bashed into by someone else, thereby bashing into me. Whatever. I had a double cape cod and was jamming to “Papa Don’t Preach”…I really couldn’t care less. Spent about a half hour dancing by myself waiting for Laura to make her arrival.

7:00pm – Laura arrives. Long Island Iced Teas all around, thank you! We head to the upper level of the bar and chatty-chat-chat for about 45mins before slamming the remainder of our drinks and heading downstairs to close out and go to the show. Closing out proved challenging so we just left. Meh, we were going to be coming back after the show anyway so it didn’t really make any sense to close out only to open up again in 3 hours.

7:45pm – Leave Brooklyn’s and make our way to the Pepsi Center. Once inside, the following occurs:
Receive drawing tickets for a new Blackberry (of which neither of us needs)
Don’t get a free Blackberry, so receive a light up blue necklace thingy as consolation
Have our photo taken by a Blackberry rep which will be on their website later on
Take 6 ridiculous photos in the free photo booth
Go a little bonkers that we’re ACTUALLY at the Madonna show
Laura loses her ticket. Thank GOD she was already in the venue.

8:00pm – Get to our seats and are actually astounded that a) the staging is so massive and b) there are so many empty seats still! Ah whatever. Our seats were perfection! Section 318, Row 12, Seats 13&14….smack in front of the stage and way at the top so we could see EVERYTHING. The only better seats I could imagine would be right against the stage. As it were, our seats were fantastic…and there were people who didn’t show up next to us so we had tons of room to dance…yay!

9:00pm – Show has still not started even though our tickets definitely say that the show time is 8pm. But I guess when you’re MADONNA, you get to do whatever you want to and everyone just kind of sits back and takes it. Oh to have that kind of power haha! At this point, Laura and I are jamming to some wacky mix of current pop nonsense when I stop and say, “Who the hell is smoking?!” and then immediately realize what I’ve just said and Laura and I both say “Um this is a non-smoking venue!” We turn around and see two girls right behind us lighting up. Laura immediately transistions into “No Bullshit” Laura and informs them that the Pepsi Center is indeed a non-smoking venue. They don’t really care and continue to smoke. Then two girls behind the smokers start to get fiesty about it and eventually two security guards come up and inform Smoky McIdiot that they cannot in fact smoke and must stop immediately.

9:30pm – Lights go down and on with the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been so excited about a show in all my life. It’s friggin’ MADONNA!!!!!!! Live and for real for the first time EVER in Denver. It was unbelievable. There is really no way for me to explain how fantastic the staging and lights and sound board and TWENTY dancers and clothes and lasers and everything actually was. Just imagine the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen…this was w-a-y better.

About four songs in, Smoky McIdiot lights up again and much to my own chagrin, I actually leave the concert to find another security guard. I hate people like that girl. HATE THEM. Once at the security guard, there is already someone there with the same complaint as me: I didn’t pay this much money to have some bitch smoking behind me. Make it stop.

Security guard made them stop. Thank God.

Continue with the show.

I don’t think I realized quite how late it was until I actually fell asleep during two songs…they were slow songs and very ambient so I blame Madonna for playing good sleeping music.

Interesting features of the show:
1. Madonna gets mad at the front-rowers for not clapping, saying “You’re in the front fucking row and you’re not clapping! How lame!” It’s true. That’s trés lame.
2. Madonna takes a request from a girl in the audience and we all sing Like A Virgin with the Material Girl…it was awesome!
3. Five giant screens display “the incomparable Britney Spears” saying “it’s Britney, bitch” to which I proceed to lose my mind and concern Laura. What can I say….I [heart] Britney!
4. Other stars that make video appearances during the show: Pharrel, Kanye West, Puff Daddy (or whatever name he’s going by now), Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. Woot!

The show ended abruptly, but very “Madonna” and it was off to Brooklyn’s for fried food to fill our excited bellies. It wasn’t until I dropped Laura off at her car that I realized it was freaking one o’clock in the morning. Definitely intended to get home around 11:30pm, but that was assuming the show would actually start at 8pm. But hey, two solid hours of all things Madonna isn’t anything I’m going to complain about.

It’s going to be a challenge to stay awake today though….that is for certain…

All said, Madonna has officially taken over the top spot on my “Best Show I’ve Ever Been To” list, which was previously held by the Beastie Boys….and next year, Britney will probably overtake the #2 spot, pushing the Boys down to #3,4,&5 (yes, I’ve seen them three times….woo hoo!)

Till next time…

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