Has it really been almost a year already??!?

Things that annoy me recently:

1. When cashiers don’t give you change back when it’s less than like 5cents. I know, I know…pennies are nealry obsolete, but still…it’s MY money. I never said they could just assumedly keep it.

2. When there’s a rack of clothes at a store (cough cough GAP) and all the clothes on the rack are on sale, but when you go to ring up the jeans, turns out, THOSE jeans aren’t on sale….so why the hell are the 78 pairs on RACK OF SALE CLOTHES?!

3. When we go to check out new apartments and they tell us there’s a fire place in each unit only to find out that the city of Arvada has forced them to turn off the heating element to said fireplaces…so what is the friggin’ point of having a fireplace?

Moving right along~
Fall is officially upon us. 71F today, 70F tomorrow, then 50s for Friday and 40s for Saturday. WOO HOO! Too bad we can’t use our fireplace for warmth, but whatever. We’ll have each other (awwww….). Beer Fest is also this weekend and Todd and I are going to be volunteering at the event both Friday night and Saturday morning. We get to go to the festival for free, we get bigger tasting glasses than those poor fools who actually pay to go, we get official t-shirts for working two sessions, we get to use nice, unclobbered, non-gross bathrooms at our leisure, and we get to spend a ton of time wandering around tasting some of the 1800+ brews that will be featured at the festival….all for volunteering to help pour beer for part of the time we’re there. Woo hoo! My favorite part of the night is that we get name tags are are not required to use our real names. I’m usually KATE JACKSON, Todd typically goes by TAN WICKER and Laura (my friend that got us in to this whole volunteering at Beer Fest thing) is always THAT GIRL. This year, all the girls are going to don our GABF t-shirts, denim mini-skirts and insane tights with tennis shoes…my tights are white with black and hot pink houndstooth…woot! Todd found them for me :o)

So other than the insane cold that I’ll have to endure walking to and from the convention center in a mini-skirt, it’s going to be a grrrrrrrrrrr-EAT weekend!

It’s only 12 days from our 1st annivesary…I’m getting more and more excited as the days wear on. We opted to stay in Golden for the weekend, since that’s where we fell in love and subsequently got married. It’ll be fun to re-visit all the places we used to go when we first started dating….the Starbucks in Golden, Blue Canyon Bar & Grill, Buffalo Rose, etc. etc. We’re going to have dinner on Friday night at Old Chicago Pizza (where we had our rehearsal dinner) and then on Saturday night, we’re having dinner at Fossil Trace (where our reception was). Sunday morning, we’ll be going to church at Calvary Church (where we got married)…we’ve been there once before and really enjoyed it so I’m sure that this next time will be no different…

C’mon, October 19th!!!

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