One year down….50+ more to go!

I’ve sort of been reflecting on mine and Todd’s first year of marriage the past few days…our first annivesary is fast approaching (on Sunday, as I’ve mentioned numerous times) and there are just so many things that we did in the last year, it’s kind of staggering!

Probably the most exciting thing we did was TRAVEL! Man, did we do a lot of that! Buena Vista, Santa Fe and the Great Sand Dunes were first, followed closely by Toronto and Las Vegas and topped off with Boston…each trip was strikingly different and hold so many memories for us that we’d need a book just to talk about it all! Traveling always has been and always will be one of my biggest passions and I’m so glad that I now have someone to share that with who is equally as interested in traveling as I am. I really never thought I’d find someone who could enjoy it with the same fervor and excitement that I do…lucky me!

We adopted puppies. Oh man. What a ridiculous idea and process that was. I remember distinctly sitting on out front stoop at our first place trying to convince Todd that we should get cats (yes, multiple. Three, to be exact) and he was having none of it…didn’t want a litter box in the house because “that’s gross in a house as small as ours!” He paused and then said, “Maybe we’ll get a dog….do you want to look at puppies today?” I about fell out of my pants. It was totally ludicrous. Neither of us have ever owned a dog and had no idea what to do with one or even what kind to get. Two weeks later, we were at “Crazy Dog Lady’s” house visiting a pup named Sunny…and his BFF, Jackie, suddenly became enamored with us too, even letting Todd cuddle her. A month after that, Sunny and Jackie came to live with us and we re-named them what you all know as Leo and Suki. They are so freakin’ cute and I kind of can’t remember life before them. They have been on trips with us and have taken us for all kinds of wild, garbage-eating bed-destroying rides as well :o)

We had our share of fights, but that was something we knew would happen. We’re good talkers though so nothing was ever catastrophic and no one ever wound up on the couch haha!

We have eaten so much fantastic food in the last year, it’s kind of a miracle that we’ve both maintained healthy weights! Italian, Greek, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Moroccan, American, French, you name it, we’ve eaten it! Additionally, we have tried probably hundreds of new beers, much to my delight! I have found that not only do I no longer abhor beer, I quite enjoy trying NEW beers! Todd is likely grateful for this as well :o) We’ve even started a new blog – – where we review our restaurant experiences for our fun and your enjoyment. We make a pretty heavy effort to NOT eat a big chain places (unless we have a gift certificate haha!) so eating out is always an adventure for us. Date night = awesome in the Newton House.

Yes, lots has happened in the last year, but markedly, the most important thing is that we are still madly in love and falling more and more so every day. Having someone to wake up to and come home to is fabulous. Having someone to take care of and to take care of me is … necessary (tee hee). Having Todd is perfection.

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