Damn that stupid timeline…

I felt the “timeline” creep back a little bit today.

I was thinking about when I was going to wind up graduating from college. Feeling a little blue about all the time that I wasted in my previous life. I’m putting it in perspective with the global financial crisis and how the odds of me ever being able to go to school full-time are, well, slim to none right now. I’m not sure how people (like Laura) were ever able to do 40hrs a week and still graduate on time. I would kill to be able to do that.

I think I had a bit of a stabbing pain in the last week when I realized how many of my friends are pregnant right now. Too many to list, that’s for sure. Granted all of them have been married for quite a bit longer than me, but still.

I dunno…will I be the ONLY one going through pregnancy when we finally start a family? That will feel rather lonesome, I think. I’m not sure what that feeling is about or where it’s coming from. It’s totally baseless, really.

Dammit, I just want to be done with school. I’m getting desperate and insane about it at this point…

2 thoughts on “Damn that stupid timeline…

  1. Ok, I just have to say, that it’s nice to be pregnant with friends, but sometimes it’s fun to be pregnant all by yourself 🙂 Hope you’re not the only one when you get there.

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