Stepping away for a bit…

I have just finished one of the better books that I’ve read in a great while. It’s called TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s what Todd would call “urban fantasy”…it’s about a vampire, after all. I don’t know how or why I got so engrossed in it, but I did. Finished a 500 page novel in about 4 days. It has been a l-o-n-g time since I’ve read a book that I was practically addicted to…I read that thing every chance I got. Yeah yeah yeah…it’s *technically* and teeny-bop novel, but I’d never read a vampire story before and the few vampire movies I’ve seen have been so-so at best (frankly, I could have done without ever seeing INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE…kind of a suck-fest)…so there was something intriguing about this book. I told Todd today after finishing the book that I’m kind of dying to read the next one…there are four in the series. He thought that was “cute”…

Honestly, it’s just been nice to have something to focus my energies on OTHER than politics. The election season is starting to get to me, what with all the commercials, blogs, emails, debates, magazines blah blah blah. I’m ready for November 5th. Very ready. I’m not starting to get apathetic about the political situation of the country, but I am becoming a little desenstized to how dumb Sarah Palin can be. It’s exhausting and she supplies the comedians with so much material, it’s not enjoyable anymore. Nothing is ever really enjoyable when you don’t have to try very hard.

So I’m ignoring it for a little while. Just a day or two. Focusing my energies elsewhere (like school, for instance…and fitness) for a bit while I let myself unravel from all the political craziness. While I whole-heartedly believe that emotions should not get mixed in with politics, this season, it’s a bit hard…I feel very passionately about a lot of things that are going on right now and tend to get very upset when people don’t/can’t/refuse to listen to another point of view or even hear me out without scoffing…like I’ve somehow not educated myself rather thoroughly on the situation and the people and that my statements are the mere ramblings of a liberal young lady. Sigh.

Tonight Todd and I are finally doing a date night we’ve been wanting to do for months…literally. We’re having wings and beer at Buffalo Wild Wings and singing karaoke…I kind of love karaoke dates with Todd…I kind of love Todd….nah…I definitely love Todd.

Also, our first anniversary is in t-minus 16 days…could NOT be more excited!!!

2 thoughts on “Stepping away for a bit…

  1. i actually just finished twilight as well. i did it in 2 days (tho, they were sleep deprived days).i found the appeal (at least in my case) strange. it is a very teeny-bop oriented story and i literally found myself thinking that at numerous times during the story. i actually was irritated with myself that i was reading something that, in my mind, was so insipid.but the author developed the characters to the point that i, in fact, cared what was going to happen. i suppose that’s the mark of a good writer…i’ve already started the second one…and i’m still kicking myself. (c;

  2. So, I just wanted to apologize for getting things heated on your other blog while you’re trying to take a break. I hadn’t read this one yet, or I probably just would have left it alone. I hope you do get some time to unravel the next couple of days it’s hard isn’t it?? And, I hope that you and Todd have a super fahbulous first anniversary! Are you guys going to do something fun?

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