Another day, another weakening dollar

Driving to work today, I was considering this nearing recession of ours. Well, really the recession is upon us with a depression nearing, if we’re not careful. I just looked around at all the people on the highway, all of us in our cars heading to work. I wondered how many of them were doing the very same thing I was doing. We’re all going on our merry way, just trying to get through whatever kind of day we were about to have. How many people got laid off today? I don’t know.

I also got to thinking, all these bank closings and sellings and what not (Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG), they seem to affect the people at the top right now. All these big wigs that thought they were being so sneaky and screwing the life out of homebuyers with “predatory loans” are now getting screwed right back. Seems karmic in a way.

But all this will trickle down eventually, don’t you worry. I’m sure of it. I wish there was a good fix. There’s just not. The federal bail out is a temporary fix at best…and by printing $750B more dollars, we’re just weakening the economy more than it already is. But if they don’t bail out AIG and the like, what will that end result be. I wish it were as easy as just saying, “Well you’re the ones that made the bad decisions that got you here…deal with it.” A guy came into our office today and was doing the hi-hello greetings and saw the sign on my cube wall that says, “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.” and he was like, “Hmm….how true it is” and then delved into a brief discussion about the economy. It’s kind of true though. Why are we paying for the sins of others?

This is just such a bizarre time for the country right now. I look around a just tsk-tsk and shake my head most days.

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