Well, bite my butt and call me an apple!

WASHINGTON — In another unnerving day for Wall Street, investors suffered their worst losses since the terrorist attacks of 2001, and government officials raced to prevent the financial crisis from spreading.

Lehman Brothers tanked on Sunday night with employees scrambling throughout the building to gather their belongings in fear that, come Monday, the doors would be shut. They were.

Merrill Lynch was purchased by Bank of America at pennies on the dollar (approx $50bil which, if you know Merrill Lynch, was an act of desperation at best).

Yesterday, AIGs stock dropped nearly 60%. AIG is one of the largest investment firms in the United States. Rather, it WAS. Unless they can come up wtih $75BILLION IN BAIL OUT MONEY BY TOMORROW. And the White House is saying “thanks but no thanks” to a federal bail out. The government is broke. Aaaahhhh…weapons of mass destruction. I’m so glad we found them.

This recession brought to you by Conservative Ideology...and the letter “W”.

I have never in my life been so glad to have a job. It makes me work harder, more efficiently and frankly, with a great deal more fear.

Colorado is a swing state this year. First time in many many elections that has been the case. We have traditionally been RED. And God, I hope we go BLUE this year. I think we stand a fair chance at that, but it’s going to take some good hard work on the part of Obama/Biden supporters. It’s going to take more-than-adequate research from all of us to be able to back up Obama and refute McCain (and that jokester, Palin).

So far, it’s incredibly difficult though. I’m trying my hardest to convince a couple specific people to re-consider their McCain support. I’m just asking for people to look simply at the facts. What’s hard is that people’s emotions get invovled…and I really don’t know why. FEELING like something is right almost never actually MAKES it right. You have got to remove emotions from the equation.

What I’m really getting tired of is people playing the Experience Card. You just can’t do that with this election. You really can’t. Because if you look at it that way, Biden is the only person really EXPERIENCED enough to run the country. And with that not being an option (because he’s not “a heartbeat away from the presidency”), you have to remove that card from the deck.

But just for kicks, let’s look at the various credentials surrounding our candidates:

BARACK OBAMA: Graduated from Columbia University (after transferring from Occidental College) with a degree in political science (emphasis in international relations). After working in Chicago as a community organizer, he studied law at Harvard University where he was the first black man (or man of color for that matter) to be president of the Harvard Law Review. He then taught constitutional law at University of Chicago Law for twelve years while working at a law firm specializing in civil rights. From 1997 to 2004, Obama was a member of the Illinois State Senate. In 2004, he was elected to the US Senate.

JOE BIDEN – Graduated from University of Delaware with a double major in history and political science. Continued to Syracuse Law School and graduated in 1969. Biden has been a US Senator since 1973 and has consistenly been named one of the least wealthy members of the Senate.

JOHN McCAIN – Graduated from the US Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1958 and went on to serve in the Vietnam War. First elected to the US Senate in January 1987. McCain was later on a list of potential running mates for Bush, Sr. in 1988.

SARAH PALIN – Enrolledat Hawaii Pacific College in 1982 (for one semester). Transferred to North Idaho College in 1983, then to University of Idaho, then to Matanuska-Sustina College (for one semester), then back to University of Idaho to complete her degree in communications-journalism in 1987. Won the Miss Wasilla pageant in 1984 and was 3rd place in Miss Alaska pageant where she won a college scholarship. In 1988, Palin was a sports reporter in Alaska. She was elected to Wasilla city council in 1992 and 1995. Was mayor of Wasilla from 1996-2002 and was elected Governor of AK in 2006.

Notice that neither of the Republican candidates every studied law or political science (something that, in my estimation, is crucial learning for a role in national politics).

Again, all I really ask is that you really weigh what is important to you in this election. Is it abortion rights? Gun control policies? Foreign affairs? Education? Equal pay for equal work? Raising minimum wage? The war in Iraq? Terrorism in general? Taxes? Universal health care? Immigration (legal or otherwise)?

Consider what you hold important to you. Consider which candidate falls in line the BEST with what you believe will be the best choices for the country.

But please….don’t just blindly choose a candidate for the reason of “BECAUSE” or “I’ve ALWAYS been with this party!” Consider that maybe, this time around, the unexpected might be just what we need. Consider the possibility of NOT having another old white guy in the Oval Office. Consider that maybe, just MAYBE, the country can be better, be more, than what we’ve come to expect.

Simply, consider.

5 thoughts on “Well, bite my butt and call me an apple!

  1. I should preface this by saying that I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant, and I tend to take things more personally than they are, and I tend to make things sound more personal than they are. These elections this year have been way too personal for me. I think have been a little bit for everyone.Like it or not, “the lesser of the two evils” is the way a lot of people feel this time around. I know that they both went through pretty serious primaries, that doesn’t mean that the best candidate for everyone came out on top it just doesn’t… You were at the DNC, you know there were still A LOT of people there who wanted Hillary. It’s the way it goes when you have a democracy, and it’s a good thing, the majority obviously wanted Obama, so there you have it. I personally don’t feel like either candidate this time around is a perfect candidate, they’ve both been tried and been found wanting. Rob and I were just saying that we think the perfect thing would be to put all four (Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin) in the white house and tell them they have to figure it out together, hopefully, we’d get the best of both worlds.I don’t throw random made up things around about anyone. I try very hard to make sure that I know all the facts before I state them, so that I don’t look like another gun toting follow the crowd republican (because I’m not). I looked for the national police force thing on both factcheck and snopes, and neither had it, but there were enough stories on google that were sourced, I feel comfortable, that it’s not made up like the emails about him being a terrorist, and all of those things. I didn’t mean to say that Obama is the next Hitler, but I was trying to say that he may be a little more socialistic than I feel comfortable with. And, the point was that Hitler was trying to make himself like God or a god, and it obviously didn’t go well. The end point for me is that there are people out here who have researched the issues as much as you and Micah have, and I respect that you have because you’re both right, a lot of people do not. But, not everyone is going to decide that Obama is the best candidate for them. That’s just the way it is. We all have different social circumstances that we come from. We all have a different belief structure that’s just the way it goes, and that’s the beauty of a democracy.

  2. Man, I’m sick of hearing the “two evils” comment around election season. Understand, first, that McCain and Obama weren’t just propped up cardboard cut-outs. Both went through Primary races (for Obama, quite the heated one, but for McCain less so). One must assume that part of their winning the candidate spot had at least something to do with their policies and qualifications (unlike the VP spot on the Republican side, cough cough).I haven’t heard this “national police force” comment so I’m loath to give it any real consideration but it is a little offensive to compare Obama to Hitler based on the actions of OTHER PEOPLE rather than the actual “leader.” Kind of a rude smear type of thing, even if you didn’t mean it to be so grossly offensive. Regardless, I’m sure part of Hitler’s motivation was indeed to make Germany “better” in his own special way, so in that respect every politician in America can be compared to him. Who cares who is singing songs about whom, though? Are you going to attend church and assume that God is like Hitler because people sing praises to him? Just plain confusing.McCain has his own troubling associations, but those are purely peripheral – they take the focus off of the ISSUES and place it on the PERSON. I don’t care who Obama’s pastor is, and if we’re going to keep discussing it then we can throw Sarah Palin through the ringer about ten times as hard.End result, Obama has it where it matters in policy and in principle as far as I’m concerned, and McCain does not. Last night’s debate showed that he has much better judgment than McCain in important decisions like a VP pick. Man, I will be so glad when we don’t have to talk about this anymore.

  3. You know, I would be A LOT more likely to vote for Biden or Clinton, there are a lot of the things the Dems do right for sure. I feel like this time around it’s pick the lesser of the evils… Why can’t there be someone who’s perfect for this nation, and really cares about it?I loved watching the debates last night and agreeing with a lot of what Biden was saying, but I just don’t think that Obama and Biden are on the same page.There are a lot of things that make me question Obama’s character and whether or not he has the “best for the nation” in mind. Things like his associations with Franklin Davis, Jeremiah Wright, and William Ayers. I know that those could all be blown out of proportion, but don’t we have to question that just a little bit? We’re talking about years of association with each of them.And, that fact that he’s called for a National Police Force, is a little bit creepy to me. This morning I saw a video of children singing what I would call praise songs to him. I don’t recall that happening as far back as I can recall, I know I never sang songs about presidents and espeically candidates… But, it has happened with other leaders, Hitler being one. Seriously, the health care, and the economy, and the war, they all SUCK big time. I think it’s great that Biden says they want to put troops in Dar Fur, we NEED to do something about those poor children. But I just don’t trust Obama and the promises he’s making. I’d love to change it up from the “Old White Guy” but do we elect the young half black man if he’s not the lesser of the evils for the nation?

  4. It terrifies me that there are still single-issue voters out there. This election, it’s important to listen to your conscious. Which candidate would you be proud to support? Which candidate are you excited about? If someone selects McCain… I want them to tell me what’s on top of his agenda… list five! Because I’m afraid that people are picking him because he’s touting that he’s pro-life. Some may recall, he hasn’t always been pro-life. He is now though, because it makes him more popular. Same with Obama supporters… I want them to tell me why they support him… top five! I’m an Obama supporter and I can proudly spout of my 5 reasons WHY I support him. Promising Energy Security.Promising to do something about Health Care.Promising to lower taxes on the middle class.Promising to end the war in Iraq responsibly.Promising to correct our failing economy.It spells it all out on his website. http://www.barackobama.com/issues/ THINK! VOTE!

  5. Well said, my love. As I’ve said before concurring with your thoughts on experience, George Bush had 4 years of experience at being President in 2004 (not to mention having been Governor of a state literally the size of Texas – here’s looking at you, Palin, with your state the size of 22 Delawares) and has continued to thoroughly botch the job since being re-elected by a narrow margin over John Kerry. I believe the job of President is unique just as America is unique; I don’t think it is something you can have “experience” for other than having knowledge of POLITICAL SCIENCE, FOREIGN POLICY, LAW, and ECONOMICS; none of which being a veteran of a retrospectively pointless “police action” or beauty pageant runner-up would really qualify as.I think you said it best with the “old white guy” line. I’m sick of the lack of diversity in the most important job in the country. Let’s elect Obama and get the country back on track.

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