Eureka! It’s time for a new vacuum!

So we’re essentially approved for the new rad pad (that is what I’ll be calling it from now on) so it’s time to get packin’!

Yes, it’s SIX WEEKS from our move date, but because I hate packing that much, I have to be very systematic with how I do this stuff. So we have one week for each room of the house, which will hopefully help with the insanity. We’re making every attempt to get rid of any misc. crap that we possibly can via donations, recycling, throwing away or selling. So far on the auction block are a futon (that my parents may or may not want), Todd’s desktop computer and our office desk. I have at least 7 bags/purses that I’m giving away and I may give away some misc. luggage. The funniest part of all of this, so far, is that there is at least $150 we have to spend in order to get all this crap squared away. We need a new vacuum and some more storage bins to tidy up all the crap that we have and are keeping.

When we first got married, we bought a dinky little vacuum because a) we have a small house with mostly hardwood floors and b) we had no pets. Now that we’ll have all carpet and we have two puppies, a decent vacuum is in order. If Gabe reads this, we will gladly baby sit your Dyson after you move until we move hahaha! And we also need a vacuum with hoses on it so that we can effectively use our “space bags” which are going to come in wicked handy during the move for all our clothings and beddings. Awesome! I can’t wait to use those things! I frickin’ LOVE space bags and Hercules Hooks! hahaha! I’m such a dork for “as seen on TV” crap!

In other news, I’m fairly certain that my in-laws were hoping we wouldn’t be able to take the dogs with us to the new house so that they could adopt Suki from us hahaha! Just kidding! I just know that they love love love that little weirdo!

So if you’re in the mood to pack someone else’s crap, you feel free to come on over at any time haha! just kidding…sort of.

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