I’m sorry….you’re a COLLEGE professor?!?!

My newest professor at Metro is kind of a moron. I’m in a journalism class this fall, which is quickly turning into a hybrid of editing and 10th-grade spelling/grammar. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to start writing down all the dippity-do-head things I hear in class so that I can share them. Here are last night’s selections:

1. The prof kept saying CONSTANANT instead of CONSONANT. Are you f-ing kidding me?!

2. When asked by a student about how to notate time in journalism, professor said that everything is notated numerically except “noon” and “midnight” rather than 12am or 12pm. One of my classmates said, “Haha! That’s because no one knows which is which!” WHAT?!?!

3. During out “spelling class” section of the evening, we had to choose which of the following words was correct: paniced / panicked. Obviously it’s the second one. Prof says, “I’m not sure why the “k”…it probably just came over from England.” Umm actually it’s because of a VERY basic spelling & pronunciation rule: When “c” is followed by ANY vowel, it gives the “c” a soft “s” sound. In order to get the hard “c” sound you have to follow the “c” with a “k”. Good Lord.

4. Finally, she said that something in the newspaper “stook” out to her. That’s not a word, just FYI.

This class is going to be fuuuuuun!!!

3 thoughts on “I’m sorry….you’re a COLLEGE professor?!?!

  1. Have you seen or heard the televion/radio commercials with Jamie Lee Curtis about how schools in other countries are passing ours? Ugh… I didn’t want to believe her. Is that class required? Is it too late to get into a different class?

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