Confessions of a computer moron…

I hate computers. We actually have a love/hate relationship. I love having a computer. I hate working with them. Something always goes wrong or blows up or stops working or works w-a-y to slowly or runs out of space or a myriad of other shit. I hate dealing with computers.

My current computer is a lovely little Dell laptop that I bought with my own money about 3 years ago. I needed one when I went back to school so I jumped on Dell’s website and found one that was about $600 and had all the things I (thought I) needed…CD drive, wireless card (I was stealing wireless at that point), internal modem and USB ports. That’s all I thought I needed. It seemed like a great deal and I paid for it outright rather than in installments (I try to pay in full whenever I can which, other than my car, I have done every time).

But over time, my poor little Dell started giving out. It started running kind of slowly or the modem didn’t work when I needed it to (hard to search for jobs or register for classes online when the online portion of your computer starts crapping out). I would get frustrated and slam the book shut and try to walk away without freaking out more. Then I started running low on memory so I transferred all my photos to online storage sites and to CD (which really isn’t a bad thing to do anyway if you’re a photo freak like me). More recently, it’s just proving to not be the laptop I need anymore. It’s great and works fine and if you want to buy it from me for dirt cheap and do little more than word processing, surfing the ‘net, and fiddling with photos, then let’s chat. haha!

The other week, Todd came home and told me he’d almost bought me a “prize” (see previous Cracker Jack post) and that it was going to be a new laptop. Megan just got Paul a new one as he is in dire need of one for his job. She got a screaming deal on it so Todd took a look at it and nearly bought it. But with careful consideration, he figured that a “prize” of that nature (and price) should be discussed with me first. So we talked and I was probably more flippant about it than he was. My computer seems to be fine for now, but Todd is a computer geek so he’s been pretty adamant about getting me a computer that I will “luuuuuuuuuurve” and have for always and will be eveyrthing that I’m dreaming of and more. I mostly couldn’t care less.

Today, he sent me the link to this rad Toshiba (the one that Megan got for Paul) and I looked at it and saw that it was good. But I’m a Dell girl so I went to their site and found one that was comparable to the Toshiba but was PINK!! Gads! Could it be true? Was I going to have my cake and eat it too?


That laptop apparently had less memory so it wouldn’t be worth it. And did I really just like it better because it was pink?

Yes. So I told Todd that he’d be the final call on the laptop selection. Boring Toshiba with more memory or rad pink Dell with less memory.

“Wait a second!” he exclaimed!
Dell Outlet has a Flamingo Pink Inspiron with even MORE memory than the Toshiba (250GB, y’all!) for less money than the Toshiba.

OMG! It’s true! I was going to have my cake, in the color and flavor I wanted, and get to eat it too!

So purchase my new “lappy” Todd did.
Holy wads. I have a pink laptop.
CD+DVD writer
6lbs (gads! that’s the weight of a Zack Morris Phone!)
and all kinds of other specs that make it awesome enough for Todd to approve of the pink lapster.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a computer moron…

  1. I must say, I’m a little jealous. I have crapping out Dell desk top… Congrats on the new toy, and in your fav color, doesn’t get any better than that. BTW, I giggled at the Zach Morris Phone comment 🙂

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