Well, I’m a wanderer, yes, a wanderer

Reasons I know I like to travel too much:
I’m actually considering taking Todd and me to Cozumel (one of our honeymoon cruise stops) for our one-year anniversary. Trust me. I know this is total madness. Sort of. I mean, it’s only about $1500 for the entire thing…hotel, flight, ground trans and the whole thing is all-inclusive. So it’s really not a bum deal. And I just keep thinking that it won’t be long before we can’t travel that much anymore. I’m also thinking of taking us for a long weekend in Toronto since we both absolutely love it there. And then there’s the possibility of Vancouver, somewhere Todd hasn’t ever been before. I’m getting carried away here. We have Boston coming up in August and then next August we’re going to to Alaska. So it’s not like we’re at a loss for traveling. Seriously.

But I just love doing it so much! Sigh. And I especially love traveling with Todd. We make a good team for this kind of stuff.

I should probably stop.

2 thoughts on “Well, I’m a wanderer, yes, a wanderer

  1. You can still travel after you have your eight kids. I mean, if anybody can do it, you and Todd can. As I like to say… Never stop exploring… or wait, I think I got that from the tag on my North Face jacket… oh well, whatever. Never stop.

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