Sunday, bloody Sunday!!!!!

Today, for whatever reason, I feel exceptionally smart. I feel like I’m good at my job.
I’m doing a training session in a couple days on a portion of our database at the office that is a necessary component that virtually NO ONE in the office knows how to use….Hey Cart! Wait up! I’ve still got the horse back here!
Seriously. It’s our way around here, which can be very amusing at times.
I’ve definitely kicked some serious ass at work lately and thankfully, it’s been relatively noticed, which is good.
Last week was easily the worst week that I’ve had at my job in the 2+ years that I’ve been here. Chandra and Heather knew I was having a BS week so when I came back from lunch one day, they’d bought me a pink pony balloon, a really funny card and my favorite chocolate. The fact of the matter here is that I have great friends…and it’s even better that I work with them. It makes the hard days easier and the easy days just that much more fun. Like the days that we spend our lunch hour at the farmer’s market up the hill (where we wound up buying cute clothes last time and not the veggies we’d intended to buy. HA!)…

Todd and I are both really in need of a l-o-n-g vacation. It’s weird to say that since we went to Vegas in May and SLC in June. It’s really just that we need some very substantial time away from both our jobs. They’re getting increasingly more stressful, what with Todd’s team members getting laid off and me getting more and more HUGE accounts. Boston really can’t come soon enough. Even July 4th is going to be a welcome break, even if only three total days. June has really just been a bear of a month for us. We haven’t had a single free weekend, which is kind of weird at this point in our lives. Ever since we got married, we’ve made a point of taking one weekend day just to have fun together (and with the weirdos) and June just hasn’t allowed for that. It really is like everything decided it had to happen this month. Fortunately, we’ve enjoyed every bit of it, from the carpet-pulling-up and priming/painting at Megan & Paul’s new house to dance lessons & competitions, to marathons (not ours, but Laura’s…running is not possible for either of us, which is unfortunate), to BBQs and random get-togethers. It’s all been really enjoyable…but we’re ready for some down time.

C’mon AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “Sunday, bloody Sunday!!!!!

  1. I TOTALLY understand what you’re saying. Phill and I had to learn how to say NO to people. It sucks to miss out on parties (and other events), but having some down time, just with each other is very much appreciated and needed. We never regret it. And you guys need a break! Boston will be excellent… already looking forward to your Boston blog. ;o)

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