No one even knows what it means anymore….

There’s a group in South Carolina that’s getting all bent out of shape about a specialty license plate there. Before I go too much further, I should note that this is NOT intended to be a blog with religious slants at all. I save that for the blogs when I get to hammer on Focus on the Family. More on that later.

Anyway, many states offer, for an excessive additional fee, the option of having a specialty plate (not to be confused with vanity plates). In Colorado, we have a few that are pretty awesome, two in particular. One has a columbine in the center and says “Protect Life” and the other is orange and blue and has the Broncos logo in the center. Wicked awesome, if you ask me. I’ve thought about getting either the breast cancer one or the columbine one. Just haven’t done it as of yet. Whatever. So when someone buys one of these plates, I take it to be a personal expression of something that matters to them. One of my girl friends has the columbine one…she was a student at Columbine when that all went down. So it means something to her. Another of my friends has the Broncos one because he’s a die-hard fan. Personal expression, right?

So what’s the big deal with having a license plate with a cross in the center than says “I Believe”? I personally would NEVER get that license plate or put an ichthus or any other religious paraphenalia on my car. Why? Because I have road rage and would not be a good example on the road. Most people I see with that kind of crap on their car are some of the worst drivers imaginable. That alone intesifies my road rage, which I try desperately to keep under sontrol.

The point is, this group in SC is getting all bent about the separation of church and state because license plates are a state issued item.

I think special interest groups like this are going to be the death of me.

It’s like Chandra says: “Whine Bitch Moan Rinse Repeat…it must be on [their] shampoo bottle in the morning!”

It’s so true. Some people just seem to have nothing better to do that bitch and moan about the most inane things.

I can understand getting a little ruffled about having the 10 Commandments at the courthouse. That’s a place where American law reigns supremely. Separation of church and state makes sense there. But before we get too much further into this, let’s remember what separation of church and state was originally intended to do. It was designed so that no singular state could govern the religion/faith of the people in that state. The point of the pilgramage to the Americas was the get AWAY from that kind of sovereign domination. So it actually has very little to do with keeping the Bible out of the courthouses. The point really becomes that there should be NO religion singled out as the dominant religion of the States. So with that said, the 10 Commandments can’t really be placed anywhere that’s government sanctioned. And neither can any other religious doctrine. Rules are rules folks!

Reminder: The United States was NOT, in fact, founded on religious principles. It wasn’t even founded wholly by Christian men. The whole POINT of the United States is to be able to practice whatever religion you want, wherever you want. And by God, we stand by that right!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for religious education. Frankly, I think it should be taught more widely. It’s important for people to understand the world beyond them. It’s especially important, I think, to know and understand that some religions have been around w-a-y longer than others. There’s something to be learned from everything. So yeah, I think religion should be taught as an academic classes before university. Really, I do. Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism…the “Big Five” in my estimation. You’d cover a lot of ground.

But c’mon. Is a license plate worth getting this bent out of shape over?!

3 thoughts on “No one even knows what it means anymore….

  1. I guess I just get really bothered when people do one of two things: 1. when they bend law/rules to fit their own agenda. 2. when they jump on a bandwagon so hard that they actually overshoot the point of the whole thing in the first place. if I wasn’t such a rage-y driver, I’d get a Jesus license plate, out of spite. It makes me think of the plate Gabe saw the other day…”WTFWJD”…and for the record, NORTH Carolina has “accidentally” issued plates beginning with the letters “WTF” and is asking that everyone with those plates return them for new ones….W. T. F?!?!?

  2. It’s pretty ridiculous to get bent out of shape about a cross on a license plate. Like I said in my text msg, what is the real difference between that an a bumper sticker? The state of South Carolina isn’t “sanctioning” Christianity no more than Colorado is “sanctioning” the Broncos by offering their logo on a plate; it’s just a way to express what is important to that person, like you said.You know I’m a big proponent of keeping people’s opinions contained to forums that they are welcome in but a cross on a license plate does <>not<> infringe upon anyone’s rights no more than wearing a “Jesus is my Homeboy” t-shirt or carrying a bible around with you. Some people have too much to complain about.

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