Where have all the dinosaurs gone??

There are things in life that I love and things that I most certainly do NOT love.
And the list changes quite frequently.
Here are today’s:

Thing that I love:
1. Cheetos
2. Busy, but not stressful, work days
3. New restaurants
4. When things work out
5. Salty foods, in general.

Things that I most certainly do NOT love:
1. Random senseless chatter
2. Airlines that are not helpful and won’t let me use my miles
3. Bi-polar landlords
4. General stress about stupid things
5. Messy, cluttery work-space

Todd and I have somehow managed to work our vacations and holidays out so that we’re only working a full week every other week until after July 4th. How that happened, I have no idea. It wasn’t planned, but man is it nice!

Next week is a full work week and then we’ll be off to SLC for a few days. Always nice to get out of town…especially on a summer road trip. I hate road trips (this will never change from week to week. I hate them), but with Todd the trips are more exciting and frankly, far funnier. We laugh a whole bunch and take the most ridiculous pictures…my favorites on the trip from Denver to SLC always happen when we stop for ice cream at Little American in Wyoming. Except now there’s not the Sinclair dinosaur there, which is really stupid and I have no idea why it’s gone missing. But we’ll take funny pictures anyway.

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