Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Educational Perfection

The summer semester is upon me.

Eight weeks of school, one more time.

Thankfully, I’m only taking 3 credits this semester (which, in a summer semester, is more like 9)…this time last year, I was taking 5 credits. Do the math, kids…that’s like taking 15 credits. Oh the pain! So instead of going to school Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs from 530pm until almost 9pm, I’ll be going only Mon/Wed from 530pm until 800pm, which isn’t bad at all. I just got done doing that and did it with relative ease. So there’s that.

The Art & Craft of Writing, whatever that means, is my one and only class for the semester. Good times. I have the sneaking suspicion that it will be remarkably easy for me. Looking forward to that.

In other news, my final grades for the spring semester were posted last Friday. I am not happy. Got a “B” in both Intro to Lit and Spanish level 2. What the frick?!?! I expected the B in Spanish…I struggled with it all semester, for no good reason. But c’mon. I definitely expected an A in Literature. It was a totally brainless class (for me). I have some ideas as to why I wound up with a B and I blame it almost entirely on my weird disorganization during the latter part of the semester. But still.

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my grades. I will rarely (if ever) accept less than the best. Because I put into it only the best. Okay, sometimes I slack, but not often and not much. Todd could tell you oodles of stories about my insane pursuit of educational perfection. It would spin your head.

All I really want to do is graduate with honors. It will not be that hard for me.

My overall GPA is sitting pretty at a lame 3.43, which is down from the last few semesters. Ergh.

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