I mean, what are we gonna do if we get kicked out???

Long weekends are probably my favorite.
We were both still fighting off the tail end of the nasty bug we caught in Vegas, but other than that, it was a good weekend.
Friday, Todd made my ultimate favorite dinner…Fettuccine with Chicken & Red Pepper Cream Sauce…nice and SPICY! Then we went to the movies and saw Prince Caspian, where we “reached our weekly quota of thinly veiled Christian propaganda” (according to a funny ecard Chandra sent me hahaha!)…we even bought popcorn and a Slurpee, making it a very official date night. It was gads of fun!

Saturday, I bought a new dress for the Sex & The City opening on Friday…I’m going with Karla and Laura and then meeting up with a bunch of other girl friends after the show for cosmos (of course!)…the dress perfectly matches my pink jacket from the wedding, which was totally unintentional but works out famously as I’ll now look very “Charlotte” at the opening and that makes me giggle! :o)
We also bought new patio furniture and spent the better portion of the afternoon putting that together and grilling on Todd’s new grill (which was also an adventure to put together, but fun nonetheless).
Then it was off to the symphony! It’s probably one of our very favorite things to do in Denver. We should, at some point, really consider getting season tix. Anyway, this was a long-awaited show…I bought tickets back in February or something (maybe earlier). It was CSO presents The Music of Abbey Road. It was fricking fantastic! Topped off the evening with Blizzards from the ol’ DQ where we saw one of the funniest marquis I’VE ever seen (wish I’d have had the camera with me…)

Sunday was a l-o-n-g day at church, but only because I had to be there at 8am for a rehearsal so that I could be ready to sing at the 1030am service. But it was a good (albeit long) service and I got to sing a wicked awesome version of the Battle Hymn with two of my fave ladies, Glo and Terri. We spent most of the afternoon planting new plants in the yard, trimming back the insane weeds that have cropped up around our rose bushes and along the fence, took the puppies to Baker Street for some drinks in the afternoon and then got the house cleaned up to have some peeps over to watch some good old fashioned executive transvestite comedy! Eddie Izzard, that is. It was a rocking good time that included grilling and chocolate cake as well, so there’s that. Nothing bad can come of this combination, really.

Monday, we headed up the hill to play with Megan, Paul, Lotsie and Flanders (the last two being M&Ps crazy town puppies) Our little guys enjoyed themselves and even managed to bark Lotsie and Flanders off the porch a couple of times. This is most amusing if you know how small our dogs are and that Lotsie is a 70lb black lab-pit bull mix and that Flanders is a 50lb (??) terrier mix mutt thing. So it’s miraculous to me that Suki told Lotsie who was boss at LOTSIE’S house! It was HILARIOUS! Did some grilling and watched a couple movies before packing up the weirdos and heading back down the mountain in the weirdest rain storm ever. Aaaahhhh….Memorial Day. Wouldn’t quite be right without rain and 45F degree weather, right?

So this week, now that I’m healthy again, I’ll be able to start my education again. That’s right. I’m still in school. It’s kind of weird because a bunch of my friends graduated this spring. I’m pretty far behind, but whatever.

Only 8 weeks of school and then off to Boston we go!!!!!!!

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