Nobody makes me bleed my own blood – nobody!

All of the wrenches from yesterday have been re-assembled and put back into place. Just in a new order. Perspective is definitely something that I need from time to time. For about 3 hours yesterday, I was pretty convinced that my world had been rocked and completely tossed on its head. Fortunately, after some careful calming down, I am finding that’s not necessarily true.

So I guess the big news from all of the upheaval yesterday is that I got a promotion!
Woo hoo!
No more paper pushing craziness as of May 19th…so that’s super exciting! Come home from Vegas to be greeted with an entirely new brand of madness at work….

This is all going to make certain things much easier on Todd and me, which is probably the most exciting thing right now. We’ve both been under and extreme amount of stress lately (to the point that I honest-to-God did not realize that I’d basically plagiarized some stuff on my big literature paper…not really even sure how that happened since I’m good at writing my own stuff and even better at BS-ing my way through a paper…fortunately I have until tomorrow to revise and finalize the thing before turning it in).

So the next two semesters will hopefully go better than this one did. This semester could best be described as “hell on wheels”…so here’s to new opportunities and less stress!

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