These books exaserbate the genetic betrayal that is my legacy….

I got my first birthday present / card yesterday…from my sister. Can we just establish really quickly that she f-ing rules?

Now that that’s out of the way, we’ll continue.

She got me the following for my birthday:

I am officially about as dork-tastic as they come. My co-worker saw these books and immediately said “Oh those are SOOO you!”

It’s true. I [heart] words. And games with words. I just want to make sure it’s clear that with the first book listed, I will officially be kicking everyone’s butts at Scrabble all over the hizzy. Don’t think I won’t try it.

Chandra and I need to find a Magna Doodle with which to institute a Word Of The Day at the office. Much to our dismay, Magna Doodles have been discontinued by one Fisher Price. Bastards! That is the best toy ever. I am currently upset with Fisher Price. But that is beside the point.

We need a magnetic writing apparatus.

In other news, this has apparently been the week of stupid questions and statements. To protect the stupid, I’ll just leave it at that and not go further into why it’s been that way this week. It just has. We’ve all had weeks like this.

And another thing. If you’re going to make screwdrivers for yourself and your husband, you should probably remember to freeze the vodka and chill the orange juice prior to serving. Luke warm drinks are iffy, at best.

Clearly, this week, I have opted out of using much of the knowledge I’ve been carrying around for the last decade or so. Things like not plagiarizing. Seriously? I’m so dumb. But thank God for people dumber than me and inadvertently get the entire class two extra days to work on a project. I’m not getting kicked out of university for something that stupid!

That all said, I’m more than ready for today to become tomorrow…evening, preferably.

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