Stupid People Amuse Me

So Todd and I went skiing on Sunday (more about that in another blog, with photos)…
Well, you can buy discounted lift tickets at some area grocery stores, which is nice because the whole skiing adventure cost us about $160.
So we head out to the mountains and stop at our neighborhood grocery store to get the lift tickets.

First stupid thing: it was approximately 7:10am when we got to the grocery store. Still there was a sign up at the customer service desk that read “CLOSED – hours open 7am to 9pm”

Finally some crazy woman yells, yes YELLS, over to me asking what I need. I tell her I need lift tickets. She walks away in what can only be described as a stupor or daze. A few minutes later, she comes back and says that the printing machine for lift tickets is down. I ask what I should do.

Second and final most STUPID thing: the following conversation —
Grocery Store Lady: So which way are you going?
[I am literally stupefied at this point as I have just told her that I’m there to buy lift tickets]
[Todd kind of wanted me to say “in Vermont” just to confuse her all the more]
GSL: Okay so you can go to the store on Youngfield and you can take highway there, which is probably the best way or you can take this street out here all the way over….

I had stopped listening at that point and had to try hard to refrain from telling her that, as I have lived in Denver for nigh on 30 years, I’ve got the ‘burbs pretty well figured out.

So there you have it. Stupid people on parade.

3 thoughts on “Stupid People Amuse Me

  1. oh you know it!and he is GOOOOOOD at it!we’re going one more time this season then a bunch of times next season and after that, he’ll give boarding a whirl (which i think he’ll enjoy even more)!

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