Adventures in the life of an avid karaoke-er

i love to karaoke. i think we all know this. and know it well.

i like to go to new bars and try to wow the masses with things like Pat Benetar’s HEARTBREAKER (a personal favorite) or Aretha’s RESPECT (a classic).

additionally, i often enjoy coming up with personal “themes” for the evening. one time, i did something to the effect of “Late-90s bubble gum pop”…this resulted in doing a Britney song, which i rarely do, but always enjoy. i did this tune called “Overprotected” that has some really funky breaks that i like to sing along with. i think i’ve only ever done one other Britney song, but whatever.

the best part about doing that song was the aftermath…and run-in with a very drunk girl at the bar who was party of a birthday party going on that night. the following is what ensued:

Drunk Girl: Oh my gawd that was awesome!!!
Me: thanks!
DG: what a great song! is that, like, alanis morrisette or something?
[personal interlude: if you can no longer tell the difference between Britney and Alanis, you’ve had too much to drink]
Me: no, dude, that was straight Britney Spears.
DG: AWESOME!!! my friend totally wants to know how you learned to rap like her!
Me: Umm…sweet!
[personal interlude #2: take a listen to that song and tell me where, exactly, the rapping happens]

That’s one of the more confusing conversations i’ve ever had post-karaoke-singing.

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