Why on a Monday?!?!

I’m pretty sure that my new NOT favorite thing is having St. Patricks Day on a Monday. Who thought THAT was a good idea? Granted, it did make for an ENTIRE weekend of Patrick-ing so that was fun, but still…MONDAY?!?! Not a fan.

Our St. Patrick’s Day weekend went down a little like this:

Friday night: We went to in downtown Denver to celebrate Newton awesome-ness. We started with calamari and some kind of lemon poppyseed mayo dipping sauce that was to die for. For dinner, Todd had some really delicious crab alfredo with spinach noodles and a couple of awesome beers. I had steak and potatoes (with a weird sauce that didn’t do right by me) and a pretty delish riesling wine. It was time for bed after that. We were pretty zonked from dance class earlier in the evening. So to bed we went.

Saturday: I had brunch with the girls downtown at which was one of the best bruches I’ve ever had. I kind of love eating on the 16th Street Mall.It’s just a whole ton of fun. Then Laura and I made our way to to purchase some “things” (mostly Laura did the purchasing). By the time I got home, it was time to blaze a trail down to BFE to visit our new “friends”, Sunny, Jackie, Rocky and Chauncy. Took a couple walks around the block and laughed a LOT…mostly at Sunny who is just a barrel of giggles and fun! He runs really funny….it’s very “gamluph-ish” which just gives me continuous entertainment. He also has a weird habit of jumping on Todd’s back, licking his ear and running away. It’s pretty hilarious! After all that fun, it was time for a nap before heading to Boulder for some Irish Debauchery.

. New favorite pub in the greater Metro area. It’s really in downtown Boulder, but whatever. We found free garage parking and there wasn’t a line to get into the pub, as was expected. Found our mountain friends, Megan & Paul, who were chatting with awesome British friends (it was later discovered that British friends were not, in fact, old friends but dudes that M&P had met mere minutes before we arrived…so that was fun!). We miraculously were able to find a table for 6 in a prime section of the pub, which was rad. Todd and I promptly ordered fish and chips. Really nothing goes better with and/or than fried fish and big huge french fries. We wolfed that down. Then ordered a round of Car Bombs. As much as I talk about them, I’d never actually had one before this past Saturday evening. For those that don’t know (and there are precious few of you), it’s a shot of Bailey’s Irish Creme dropped in half a pint of Guinness which is all slammed as quickly as possible. If I wasn’t tispy before the Car Bomb, I certainly was afterward! Then it was on to the Catacombs to play pool and get our asses handed to us at air hockey by super drunk college girls. Embarrassing? Only if I cared.

Sunday: Todd and I went skiing. Refer to yesterday’s post for the dumbest thing ever said to me regarding that (also note that apparently that particular grocery store is not only slow in business, but slow “en la cabeza”). Todd took a lesson in the morning while I enjoyed skiing solo for the first time in my life. Nothing more relaxing than that, I think. I took whatever runs I wanted, whenever I wanted and stopped to take a few pictures along the way. By lunchtime, I was more than ready for a beer and a burger. So while waiting for Todd to finish his lesson, I ordered the ever popular PBR (apparently a woman from Texas sitting next to me had no idea what that was…and yet, she knew Natural Light…siiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Todd was all smiles upon finishing his lesson and discovered that not only did he not get cold being out in the snow for 3 hours, but he actually really enjoyed skiing! And yes, folks, for a first-timer, he’s very good at it! Looks like we’ve officially inducted Todd into the life of a Coloradan! Woo hoo! Next season, more skiing and possibly some snowboarding (which I hate with the fire of a thousand suns). Pizza is the traditional reward for skiing all day and burning a minimum of 1500calories. Usually, we’d stop at Beau Jo’s for Colorado’s greatest slice, but we were on a bit of a budget so we picked up Papa John’s later on…just as good! I think I passed out around 8pm, which I expected to do. Todd stayed up to make Guinness Bread and banana bread. The Guinness Bread is a St. Patrick’s Day tradition for us…it’s too delicious for words!

Monday: work. Blech. I was pretty sore from skiing. I’m sure Todd was too. He fared better than me as his office busted out beer and appetizers around 3:30pm. No dice at my office. But whatever. The weather was shit so my boss (the lucky Airsure Leprechaun) bought pizza for the office so that we wouldn’t have to drive in the less-than-ideal conditions to go get lunch. So that was pretty rad.
After class (where I discovered that I got a “C”on my midterm and was happy and then discovered that I did crappy math and actually got a “B” which was even more awesome), Todd and I ate dinner with much haste (southwest egg rolls and sautéed veggies) and made our way to Sloan’s Bar & Grill to hang with loads o’ friends for the next few hours. Good times.

But still….St Patrick’s Day on a MONDAY?!?! What a crock!

2 thoughts on “Why on a Monday?!?!

  1. except that i think i’ll get something w-a-y different next time we go to marlowe’s…that weird sauce and greens mixture was NOT good. though the leftovers for lunch yesterday was super fantastic. so there’s that!

  2. It was such a fun weekend! Of course, hanging out with you is always fun. I love date nights especially! We’ll have to go back to Marlowe’s sometime.I’m looking forward to buck-a-scoop this week, for sure.

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