Week #11

In an attempt to get this done BEFORE next week, this week, I’m ever-grateful for laughter

In spite of my (probably) bombed Spanish mid-term, I have laughed a lot this week. Between Heater texting me when she’s “not in her right mind”, Chandra talking about her biochemistry class, Corwin being Corwin, Todd saying generally hilarious things (“It’s ham flavored”), Jill regaling me with tales from elementary schools and about a trillion other things that make me laugh in a day, it definitely something to be thankful for.

It’s why I have all the lines around my eyes. And I’m okay with that.

One thought on “Week #11

  1. I love the new template, honey!And I love hearing you laugh, so I’m glad I can come up with cool lines about chai drinks being ham-flavored. That’s got to be one of the best moments ever.

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