Week #10

Forgot to do this again last Friday so here I am today.
Last week, ’round about Saturday evening, I discovered that I was grateful for unlimited texting!

Todd & I decided that it was high time he get a decent cell phone. So we canceled his old contract and put him on my family plan. And the AT&T sales guy gave us a smoking deal on his new phone. It should have cost us about $140, but we decided to get unlimited texting on our plan and with that and the fact that the funny sales guy hadn’t given someone a screaming deal in a few days, we ended up paying $60 for everything with a $50 mail-in rebate (that we still need to do). Even with the new plan and the unlimited texting, we’re still paying about $40 less/month than we were before. So that’s pretty rad!

So now I text during class at will without worrying about going over my limit. And I actually prefer texting to talking on the phone….it cuts out the “hello” and “goodbye” niceties if all you really have to know is if I’m meeting you somewhere at x-time. It’s just easier to text.


One thought on “Week #10

  1. i’m so glad you love texting! i have so much fun when we text… especially the night you insisted on sending me texts during the american gladiators premiere. i have a funny story about my parents and texting… i’ll tell you at brunch on saturday. :o) high-larious!

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